The Real Streets Of Old Milwaukee – From Flickr User Nuclear Art

If you are interested in Milwaukee’s history, check out Nuclear Art’s photos here and here, and his related forum.

The French Resistance in WW2 Was Not a 4GW Force

In a recent TPMB 5GW related post, commenter Vinay Gupta wrote:

Was what the French Resistance did against the Germans 4GW?

If not, why not?

The answer is “no”. The French Resistance groups were not 4GW forces.

He are some thoughts why:

The French Resistance did some psyops but they were mostly for the benefit of those French not yet collaborating to keep up their morale, and to keep up the morale of the resistance fighters themselves. This was an adjunct to their other activities. There were not trying to collapse the will/morale of the enemy. They were not trying to send message to the German population that it would be best to give up and withdraw and to concentrate on Russia instead.

The major contribution of the French Resistance was intelligence gathering and aiding downed allied airmen. For the invasion/aftermath of Normandy they did carry out harassment and infrastructure attacks against the Germans in France in support of the allied activities.

They were in effect acting as behind-the-enemy-lines light infantry (1GW or maybe 3GW depending on how well the groups actually operated) for and as part of the allies who had the very 2GW-ish goal of unconditional surrender.

[Photo of a Maquis uploaded to Flickr by missjoeri]

More From NY Times Archive: President Garfield Shot

President Garfield Shot

You get the idea. The NY Times archives can be fun.

Very Cool: From the NY Times Archive – “President Lincoln Shot by an Assassin”

Here is the link.

Civic Quiz

Moody Loner’s Blog took me to this Civics Quiz (from Megan McArdle).

Years of trivia, travel to historical American locations, lots of reading and a minor history channel addiction have payed off!


Robin Hood TV Series

I just finished watching season 1 of the new-ish UK Robin Hood series on DVD.

I quite liked it.

The only things disturbing were:

1) Robin uses a scimitar
2) Robin uses an Arab bow
3) Robin has read the Koran
4) Robin speaks Arabic
5) The crusades are bad/stupid of course

They almost seem to imply Robin has converted to Islam. Almost, but not quite.

So, this would seem to be some pop culture fallout of the slow Islamification of Europe.

Watch the series though, it was fun and looked good.

(Photo originally uploaded to Flickr by stef_install)


I don’t have much to add to what I wrote last year for 9/10/2001 and 9/11/2001:

I paraphrased the war plan the USA should use to my parents:

Track down the terrorist and kill them and their families. Find
their support network and kill them and their families. Find their
financiers – turn some of them – kill the rest along with their
families. Find the possible state sponsors and be prepared to destroy
those nations. Be prepared to fight Islam (I never thought anybody but
Islamic forces were behind the attack). Be prepared to fight long and
hard with periods of quiet. Be prepared for deception operations to
disrupt the US. I had tears because I was not sure my nation was up to
it any longer and I wasn’t sure anybody would fight with us (I feared
most of out “Allies” might sit this one out) – and because I didn’t
think there would be a role for me.


The war goes on, the fight goes on. The West is facing a 21st
conflict with many forces mostly “Islamofascism” from the Arab/Islamic
world. The West is not fully committed to the war. Many inside the West
really don’t want to win – so twisted with self-hate they have become.

I believe the US will win the war eventually. In this I have almost
no doubt. Hopefully, the US and the West will become strong
practitioners of 4GW and slowly contain, disrupt, marginalize and
destroy the Forces of Islamofascism while they shrink away to
nothingness. I don’t care if this is from globalization side-effects,
active gap-shrinking, offensive war, or an unexpected (but needed)
democratic/modernizing Islamic reformation.

My fear is that the islamofascists will acquire nuclear or strong
biochem weapons and capability to use them against the West. I expect
the Arab/Islamic world bonded together by Islam – the major source of
misery and wasted human capital in the Arab/Islamic world – will erupt
in cheers and celebrations for the mass murder of US citizens or
Western citizens. Then we will have no choice but to act to destroy
Arab/Islamic civilization. It is this that I want the US to avoid, if
we can.

The USA will have Victory, one way or another.

Dont Tread On Me Flag

Recently Read: “The Secret History of the PWE”

I just finished the The Secret History of PWE: The Political Warfare Executive, 1939-1945 written by David Garnett.

The Political Warfare Executive was the UK Secret Service doing propaganda in WW2.

It was an interesting read. I especially liked the country by country sections on what messages were used.

One thing stood out at me. Given the urgency of the situation (aka survival) to the UK, there was still still lots of political/bureaucratic in-fighting.

I guess that explains part of the US problem.

Link to Historically Interesting Photos

Via reddit, the direct link is here.

What Five Places/Events Would You Visit With A Time Machine?

What Five Places/Events Would You Visit With A Time Machine?


  1. You can only pick five places/events before you are out of non-replaceable temporal syrup to power your time machine.
  2. The time machine has a natural language interface smart enough to get you were you want to go (e.g. no messed up coordinates)
  3. While you can take a digital camera or other such device to record events, you can’t actually change any events
  4. You can’t bring anybody back or take anything else with you
  5. You have a babelfish
  6. You won’t get sick, nor will you pass on sickness

Enter your ideas in the comments or via trackbacks.

Here are my Five choices (in no particular order):

  1. Holy Land circa 25AD to 50AD to see about Jesus and the birth of Christianity (assuming something happened)
  2. In Britain in the years around 470 with the British/Roman Resistance to the Saxon barbarians (checking also for you-know-who)
  3. With Zheng He and his Chinese explorer fleets circus 1405 to 1433.
  4. Taking in the sites, smells, tastes, drama, and dramas of Elizabethan England.
  5. Siteseeing at Eridu (the first human city) in its prime.

What would you do?

Link to “Dixie Roots: Another View of Theodore Roosevelt”

At the American Presidents Blog – Dixie Roots: Another View of Theodore Roosevelt:

In his own autobiography TR describes his mother as someone who never
forgave Lincoln, and she was “totally unreconstructed.” By the time the
war began Mittie’s father had been dead for sometime. Her mother and
sister moved north to live with Mittie due to hard times at Bulloch
Hall. They often spent their days putting together packets of supplies
for the folks back home and secured the help of the children including
TR. The book, TR: The Last Romantic reports packages would be
handed off to agents in Central Park who would then get them placed on
ships heading to the Bahamas. From there the packets would be placed
with a blockade runner. There are also stories of Mittie hanging the
Confederate flag in the window of the Roosevelts’ home in New York City
each time she received notice of a Rebel victory.

The whole thing is a fun read.

Found on Wikipedia: “The Dulles Plan”

From Wikipedia:

Since the early 1990s, anti-Western media in Russia have referred to the so-called Dulles plan (Russian: план Даллеса). It is the text (in Russian) of a secret plan to destroy the USSR through the ideological manipulation of the Soviet population and the corruption of its morals. The source of this text is unknown. It is reported to have been his speech to the US Congress made in 1945 or a passage from his book published in 1945 or 1953. There are no known speeches or writings of Dulles that contain this plan. Interestingly, this text almost literally coincides with the words spoken by a character in The Eternal Call (Russian: Вечный зов), a novel by Anatoly Ivanov published in 1971-1976.

I was unable to find any other web references to this via google, and I am too lazy to check any further.

So, is this just an example of Russian Paranoia? Denial by aging-Reds and/or retro-Reds?

Or is it from ripples (or shadows cast) of a long forgotten and well concealed proto-5GW?

[Cross Posted to Dreaming 5GW]

Counter-Insurgency Lessons from the Romans

Via the The Capitol Tribune, notes about an insurgency long ago:

The year was 19 A.D., in the Roman province of Africa (at that time, the area in and around modern Tunisia). A Numidian leader, and a former–a deserter actually–Roman auxiliary commander, by the name of Tacfarinas, had started a rebellion.

The Lessons learned include:

4. Use tactics that adapt to the changing dynamics of enemy. Of course this observation may encompass all the others but its worth saying. You might think this is obvious, but it’s not. Military commanders are by nature conservative and usually slow to adapt. Insurgents fight a net war, their fighters are grouped in independent cells deployed across a undefined front. Along with Blaesus’s forts, he organized and deployed his Roman forces in such a way that directly countered the fluidity of the enemy along the undefined battle front.

The whole thing is worth reading.

One other takeaway: xGW has always existed. Here is 4GW in the 1st Century AD:

To win, insurgents must at least have the passive
cooperation of the local population. Blaesus seems to have understood
this. He also understood the supreme importance of psychological
warfare. So instead of ravaging the countryside, causing the population
to flee, which was expected, Blaesus would appeal to the population’s
sense of being tired of war. Blaesus would not offer fire and sword, he
would extend a full pardon to all people who came forward and
surrendered their weapons to the local Roman garrison.This
was not what Tacfarinas expected. He was caught off guard. His army was
made up of locals, and they were now abandoning him to make peace with
the Romans. Tacfarinas would take his loyal troops and continue the
insurgency. His tactics would be to operate in small independent
groups, avoiding open battle and setting ambushes. Sound familiar.
Insurgency tactics have not changed much in 2 thousand years.


Horse History In Photos – Milwaukee (Link)

Simply Marvelous has the photos and commentary to “a small view of the horses in Milwaukee’s past”.

Photo of Floods and Tornados in Wisconsin

Amicable Collisions has a link to a University of Wisconsin – Madison hosted web site with historical weather damages of Wisconsin and elsewhere that are fun to look at.

Music Break: Frank Sinatra Singing Stardust

His singing is perfect here.

His best work was still in his future though.

He needed more pain in his life for his art to grow.

Future Blogging Reference: WW2 Photos

Here is the link.

WW1 Photos – Hand Coloured

Here (via Chicago Boyz)

D-Day June the 6th (2007) “Crisis On Omaha”

Found via Thunderpig:

Sometimes I feel the West is doomed, locked into slow-motion suicide.

Remembering the Battle Of Midway

The US was on the defensive in the Pacific War.

On June 4th 1942, the Battle of Midway began.

The initial attacks against the Japanese navy by land-based and then carrier based aircraft failed. Almost all of those aircraft were lost.

They did disrupt and break the actions and plans of the enemy.

At10:22am, three Squadrons of US dive bombers attacked arrived above the Japanese navel formation. They arrived together at the same time and intact. It was by sheer luck and initiative.

In six minutes 3 Japanese carriers were essentially destroyed.

The US fleet still stood after the Japaneses counterattacks. The US commander did not pursue and fall into a later ambush

The US was on the offensive from then till end in the pacific.

Thank you Raymond Spruance! Thank you Joseph Rochefort! Thank you United States Navy (and the other Armed Forces)!

Midway Atoll – November 1941

(Originally uploaded by tony.bandy)

Just Read: Measuring America by Andro Linklater [Updated]

The full title is: Measuring America: How an Untamed Wilderness Shaped the United States and Fulfilled the Promise of Democracy.

I liked it.

It is a history of America from the point of view of measurements, surveying and map-making.

Thank you TrumpetSpice for loaning it to me.

Updated: Related here.

WTF is a “Cargo Cult”?

I am listening to Rear Guard Security Podcast #1 via iTunes. Ranum just mentioned “A cargo cult”.

I had no idea what that meant.

Now I know – its very odd!

A cargo cult is any of a group of unorthodox religious movements appearing in tribal societies in the wake of Western impact, especially in New Guinea and Melanesia. Cargo cults sometimes maintain that manufactured western goods (“cargo”) have been created by divine spirits and are intended for the local indigenous people, but that white people have unfairly gained control of these objects. Cargo cults thus focus on overcoming what they perceive as undue ‘white’ influences by conducting rituals similar to the white behavior they have observed, presuming that the ancestors will at last recognize their own and send them cargo. Thus a characteristic feature of cargo cults is the belief that spiritual agents will at some future time give much valuable cargo and desirable manufactured products to the cult members. In other instances such as on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, cult members worship Americans who brought the cargo.

Thanks Wikipedia!

YouTube Video: The American Civil War in 4 Minutes

Thanks to the all new Coming Anarchy for finding this:

Love of Beaver Leads Me to a Neat Photoblog!

Wow, I bet that title sucks in pages views via the search engines!

I found a neat blog of old photos through a very funny post on a Leave It To Beaver screen capture mentioned on TV squad.


Note to self: Perhaps I should reconsider writing blog entries after midnight. But the title is making me giggle!

A Django Reinhardt Break


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