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    Econlog/Immigration followup

    Some links related by topic to my Econlog/Immigration post:

    Thomas Sowell writes:

    Bogus arguments are a tip-off that you wouldn't buy the real reasons for what someone is doing. Phony arguments and phony words are the norm in discussions of immigration policy.

    It starts with a refusal to call illegal aliens "illegal aliens" and ends with asking for "guest worker" status for people who are not guests but gate crashers. As for the substantive arguments, they are as phony as the verbal evasions.

    Thomas Lifson writes:

    Whatever solution or compromise the political process comes to, regarding the illegal presence of millions in our midst, I do not want citizenship bestowed as a matter of course. It must be earned, and its duties affirmed by all who would wish to enjoy the status of American citizen. At a minimum this means learning English and studying our political culture and traditions. It means swearing a solemn oath, and relinquishing all loyalties to foreign flags. And it means making amends if the citizen-to-be has violated our sovereignty in arriving within our borders. We dishonor the blood sacrifice made in our behalf if we do any less.

    Bryan Caplan suggested that American workers were a special interest group to be thwarted. He also implied illegal immigrants were not. Michelle Malkin post photos of rallies for this non-special interest group here and here.

    I have read elsewhere that Bryan is an Anarcho-Capitalist. So, his views on immigration are consistent.

    Update 3/31/2006: Additional photos of this non-special interest group

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