Ideologies and USAv3

Econlog has a post that links to the article on TCS entitled Tribal Politics that is about immigration.

In it, Arnold Kling lays-out competing ideologies/systems:

Transnational Libertarianism

  • individual rights based
  • no economic borders
  • locally focused
  • amoral relativism (Purpleslog description)
  • Utopian
  • big problem: getting there from here
  • This the Kling preference


  • Islam as transnational expansionist totalitarian political movement

Transnational Progressivism aka Tranzis

Statist Collectivism

  • Big government
  • Power centralization orientation
  • Nationalism
  • As defined by Kling there seems to be no distinction between a democratic focus and totalitarian focus.
  • According to Kling this ideology's adherents broadly include President Bush and Paul Krugman

I think I would add to this by making a distinction between Democratic focused Statist Collectivism and Totalitarian focused Statist Collectivism.

A few days ago wrote about the direction I would like to see the America go in, entitled USA version 3. I am still just starting to be express the idea. The USAv3 as I see will be a sort of USAv2 + Mexico as a Market-State with American Core values. This ideology would be Nationalistic Libertarianism.

Nationalistic Libertarianism

  • Maintain national identity and values (including democracy and capitalism)
  • Expand economic and political borders
  • Smaller government, more federalism
  • Concerned with National Security
  • This is the Purpleslog USAv3 preference

I am okay with Transnational Libertarianism being USAv4, but the world needs to be mostly democratic/capitalistic/free before that transaction can take place.

I will think some more about this at a later time.

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