Annex Mexico? The Meme Spreads!

Instapundit links to himself and spreads the TDAXP meme of USA+Mexico=USA (which I call USAv3):

So maybe we've been thinking about this the wrong way. Instead of worrying about Mexicans invading America, maybe what we need is for the United States to annex Mexico.

He is not suggesting that it happens right away, but that at least the paving of the path should begin:

Oh, we don't need to turn Mexico into a state, or several. At least not right away. But as part of any immigration deal, the United States needs to demand reform in Mexico. Serious political reform, and serious economic reform.

And reciprocity. If we're going to make it easy for Mexicans to come to the United States to live, work, hold property, and get public benefits without too much paperwork trouble, we need to make it easy for Americans to do the same in Mexico. Right now, as several people have noticed, the environment there is considerably less friendly to foreigners than America's is.

My own thoughts were mostly concerned with what should be done on the USAv2 side as a prelude to USAv3, but work would need to be done on the Mexico side to prepare as well. This might make for an interesting application of near-domestic PNM theory, but I will have to think on that for awhile.

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  1. Annex Mexico

    “Annex Mexico?,” by Glenn Reynolds,, 10 April 2006, (from Instapundit via Purpleslog, also at Riehl World View).

    It would make us more federalist. It would make us freer. It would ma…


    The national debate over illegal immigration has dominated the media for months. There seems to be no equitable, just and fair solution to the problem posed by an estimated 10-12 million illegal immigrants, approximately 90% from our good neighbor to the south, Mexico, living and working in the U.S. The debate has cut across normal ideological lines. Are these people a net benefit to society who deserve rights on par with U.S. citizens and eventual citizenship as a reward for their hard work or are they part of a criminal invasion that should be forced back across a fortified border? But there is a solution that will make everyone happy. Annex Mexico now!

    When Mexico becomes the proud 51st state of the U.S., advocates for immigrant rights will gain everything on their wish list. All Mexicans will become U.S. citizens with all the rights and benefits accruing to that status. As U.S. citizens, Mexicans now woefully exploited in difficult jobs for low pay will have the right to earn the minimum wage. They will also have the same rights to vote, to receive welfare and medical benefits and attend public schools as all other U.S. citizens. They will finally be able to come out of the shadow economy and take their rightful place in our free and democratic society.

    As a further benefit for the people of Mexico, the corrupt and inefficient Mexican government will be swept aside. The government, police and military will no longer be tools of oppression used by the aristocratic ruling class of Mexico. The court system, public services, roads, schools and hospitals will all improve in our new 51st state. Even the supporters of the Aztlan concept, whereby la raza is destined to reconquer the American Southwest, will be satisfied as their goal will be accomplished as a fait accompli. The Mexican people, so long oppressed at home and in the U.S., will finally be truly free.

    But what will the U.S. gain?

    U.S. business interests will benefit as our new 51st state boasts oil reserves, minerals, thousands of miles of beautiful undeveloped beaches and 100.0 million largely Christian people with a strong work ethic and rock-solid family values. U.S. dependence on foreign oil and minerals will lessen, construction spending will skyrocket with an abundance of cheap land and infrastructure to develop, wage rates will fall and full access to our 51st state’s huge consumer market will boost the sales and profits of all U.S. corporations. An economic boom is a certainty.

    Government at all levels in the U.S will also benefit. As former Mexican citizens enter the above-ground economy, federal, state and local tax receipts will rise. Our new citizens will no longer burden last resort social service providers as they will be eligible for public and private aid through established programs. In addition, the government will save billions as it will no longer be necessary to fortify or patrol the border. The INS will be able to refocus on preventing terrorists from entering the new, larger U.S. Finally, the U.S. military will also gain a new source of patriotic citizen soldiers to help protect our nation.

    Average Americans will benefit from the economic boom following Mexican statehood. They will also enjoy low cost retirement to the sunny beaches of Baja and the Yucatan or the bracing air of the Sierra Madre mountains while still having access to quality medical care, police protection and consumer goods. Aging baby boomers will no longer need fear the bankruptcy of the Social Security system. The young population of our new 51st state will solve the actuarial problem with approximately 60.0 million willing entrants into the U.S. work force. Average Americans will also continue to benefit from a subsidized cost of living as the now legal low cost labor supply of new U.S. citizens performs, as we are so often reminded, the jobs Americans are unwilling to do.

    Annexation of Mexico as the 51st state is an idea whose time has come, an idea that creates economic opportunity while supporting human rights and dignity, an idea that has something for everyone. Best of all, in a few years, when the U.S. population reaches 500 million, annexation of Mexico provides a workable precedent for annexation of our good neighbor to the north, Canada.

    • I agree with all but one thing you said, I think instead of one big state, Mexico should be five new states, with the boarders determined threw mergers of the current 32 Mexican states. Everything else I am with (more or less).
      As for Canada, I say 29 states for them.

  3. Mexico will enter with each MUS state or district as a US seperate state. It doesn’t makesense to have a 51st state with 100+ million citizens.

    Currently Mexico has 31 states and 1 federal district, so they will enter the US as 32 states.

    At the same time the MUS states enter the USA, it might make sense for some larger states to break apart in to smaller states. For instance, California should be 2 or three states, not just one. Texas could be split into 2,3, or even 4 states. Illinois and Florida could easily split inot 2 states each. Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin should form the new state of Superior.
    The Canadian provines can join the USA province by province. The following could join as single states after USAv3 (USAv2 + MUS) integration is complete: Puerto Rico, Cuba (a generation or two post-castro) Haiti, Domican Republic, etc.

    • Nowadays, I am of the opinion that two certain large city should split off their current state and become there own separate city-states: New York (#51), Los Angles(#52)

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  5. The age-old pesky U.S.-Mexico border problem has taxed the resources of both countries, led to long lists of injustices, and appears to be heading only for worse troubles in the future. Guess what? The border problem can never be solved. Why? Because the border IS the problem! It’s time for a paradigm change.

    Never fear, a satisfying, comprehensive solution is within reach: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution. Simply dissolve the border along with the failed Mexican government, and megamerge the two countries under U.S. law, with mass free 2-way migration eventually equalizing the development and opportunities permanently, with justice and without racism, and without threatening U.S. sovereignty or basic principles.

    Take time to read the details. Google “Megamerge Dissolution Solution”, or click

    • TLW: It is nice to see other people getting to the same idea”

      “The new megamerged U.S. could have up to 75 states. Why 75? Mexico has 31 states now, it is true, but I’m thinking about the new megamerged U.S. Congress, and how it would be nicer if the “Extreme South” reps constituted a neat one-third, 25 of 75, giving them a nice swing vote but not enough to call all the shots, phased in to give us time to educate them out of their previous errors so they don’t drag us down to their level. Maybe it should only be given 10 states since it’s only 20% of the size of the upper 50 in area. Either way, small political details, easily handled during the negotiations, trust me, both sides have room for maneuver, it will be fun, yee-haw.”



      “Please don’t try to frame me. I’m not proposing a lame North American Union a la Robert Alan Pastor, with three sovereign nations trying to work together via some kind of parliament, and Mexico having an equal vote, using it to drag us down to their level, you love me, you really love me not, do you wish you had sonic hearing sometimes, well now you can. I don’t want any kind of government running the U.S. other than the one we have had, because it’s the best, and deserves to be #1 forever, sorry, it’s got problems but it’s the worst except for all of the rest, and if a U.N.-style One World Government is inevitable, then the U.S. needs to preserve its options as to the size of its chair on the Big Table, and there’s nothing that says it can’t grow to include new states, Megamerge brings peace to my digestive system, and me. With the Megamerge Dissolution Solution, Mexico won’t be dragging us down to their level, we’ll be pulling them up to ours, after we both extend our hands first. Separately the U.S. and Mexico and their pesky border have no future, but together they have a great future, as one, uno.”


      “The Extreme South would be like the Great American West used to be, sorry, I’m a historyscoper and love to make historical arguments, a new land of opportunity for white and all the other rainbow of Americans to find a new beginning, and instead of a flood going north, which we already have now, there would more likely be a flood of migration to the south, no passports anymore, it’s all one country, we’re all fellow citizens, just think think thank and grow rich.”

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