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    New phishing scams target consumers via VoIP

    Via digg:

    According to Cloudmark, what's new here is the criminal use of VoIP and PBX software to set up a voice-mail system that sounds like your bank. The same low-cost setup that's enabling small businesses to sound professional is enabling small-time scam artists to do the same.

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    Social Engineering Attacks (trusting attacks) are going to continue to get more sophisticated, and keep looking different. The depend upon several factors:

    1. Information overloaded victims…just follow the link quickly – don't pay to much attention to details – get to the next emails
    2. Security naive victims…"gee this looks okay to me"
    3. Freshness…"well it doesn't look like a scam I have seen before"

    The countermeasures are familiar:

    1. Deploy network security devices (like Fortinet's Fortigates) that scan email and web traffic blocking phishing/pharming/other attacks
    2. Security Awareness updates and training…have suspicion be the default mode of the user-base (have InfoSec people respond quickly to inquiries of this suspicion-mode user-base too)
    3. Practice Information Security Lawfare

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