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    Sick and lazy and other stuff

    I have been sick for the last week (since returning form vacation) with a bad cold and a touch of laziness, so my posting has not been very active. I did return from a cruise with a notebook full of potential posts which I will start finishing up. I also finished reading The Arab Mind and The Shield of Achilles which will figure into future posts.

    I did take a stab at trying to explain market prices on REDDIT vis-a-vis Oil/Gas pricing.

    I have been considering going back to graduate school part-time in a year or so. My meal ticket is Information Security, but I don't think a Master's will help me much there as I have a technical background and industry certifications anyways. Then, I figured I was going to study Economics. I have been playing with it for past two years. It has changed my thinking on many topics. Looking at masters programs though, economics in school seems to be very math focused. My math days are long behind me and don't relish the thought of cramming a year or two of math prep in just to study economics. That brought me back to my interests in Political Science (which are mostly National Security Studies and Public Choice Theory right now). My local options are limited: Marquette University, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, or maybe some distance programs like American Public University. I think I will get more out it by meeting with students locally and using the internet to discuss/trade/develop ideas.

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    1. I did go to the Marquette University open house for GRAD PoliSci and IR. It was interesting. The $$$ are too much though.

      The Master’s in National Security Studies at American Military University (distance) looks interesting as does the Military History Master’s at Norwich (mostly distance).

      I’ve also though it might be a good idea to get a education Master’s for some sort of reading instruction specialization. I could devout the rest of my professional life to elementary reading instruction and remedial reading instruction in Milwaukee. I could see myself doing that.

      I am clearly in career funk. I’d like to change to something else. I am not sure I can afford the training or pay cut. I find my current career just interesting enough…and paying me just enough to delay the jump. It doesn’t pay enough that I will get rich or ever have secure employment.

      What to do, what to do?

    2. Notes:

      Wisconsin Reading Teacher license (formerly referred to as License 316) which is required of teachers who have a specific assignment to teach reading at the elementary, middle or high school level. Kindergarten through grade 12 license endorsement will be granted upon completion of this program.

      Wisconsin Reading Specialist license (formerly referred to as License 317) and is designed for certified reading teachers whose goal is to direct a K-12 reading program or to work with reading teachers, classroom teachers, administrators and others as a resource teacher in reading.

      The Reading Teacher license is a prerequisite for certification as a reading specialist.

    3. Note 2:


      The Master of Arts degree program in Reading, founded in 1956, was one of Stritch’s and the nation’s first graduate degrees to respond to the need for well-prepared teachers and specialists in reading. In 1987, in response to the national need for well-prepared teachers in writing, Stritch expanded the program to include reading/language arts.
      The Master of Arts in Reading/Language Arts (Literacy: Leadership & Instruction) program is designed for teachers who want to extend their professional knowledge base about literacy, refine their teaching skills, and become master literacy educators.

      In addition to a master’s degree, the Reading/Language Arts program provides qualified educators with the coursework necessary to obtain Reading Teacher (license #316, K-12) and Reading Specialist (license #317, K-12) licensure from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

    4. That’s a tough decision especially if there is nothing really jumping out at you as the clear and obvious choice. As you get older the time investment in a training program becomes a more significant factor. Colleges organize programs in ways that waste huge amounts of time.

      One possibility is pursuing a museum career. For example get a master’s in history with a certificate in museum studies and try to get a job at a museum focusing on military history or some other area of history that you are interested in.

      Museum Studies Program UW-Milwaukee

    5. Phil,

      Thanks for the interesting idea.

      I am not so much interested in just military history, as I saw the Norwich program as a distance-ish history grad program.

      Milwaukee’s great Public Museum [1][2]has been having big-time money problems, so I don’t know if they are hiring [3]. I would think not, plus there are lot of layed off types who want to come back first.




      Milwaukee’s Discovery World Museum [1][2] might be better choice. It is hand-on science/technology/entrepreneurial type stuff. It is a Museum and a working tech center. That might be a better immediate choice. I could work on history/Museum degree while working for them




    6. A Master like History of Science would also work if I went to Discovery World. I have to check distance and local programs.

      I think UW-Madison has Science Education Master’s for non-teachers.

    7. UW-MadisonDefinetly has a History of Science Master’s:


      UW-Milwaukee has a Museum Studies Cert you found:


      Since I already have a Grad Degree…I wonder if I could just enroll in Museum Studies Cert? It looks real good and includes an internship.

    8. By pure coincidence, an opportunity has come my way to teach some undergrad/continuing ed Information Security course during the evening and perhaps weekends.That could provide a nice source of income while transitioning to a Museum type thing.

    9. My brain is excited by the idea of working at Discovery World. It would be hands on education and use of technology/science/invention/history/entrepreneurship…anyways…I can see alot of opportunities for me to make my mark there.

      Programs in robots, DIY/Make, locksport, science photography, camera hacking, steam punk science, programming for kids, Lego Movie Studio, using social media for the museum itself as proof-concept using fb/twitter/podcasts/youtube….dang my brain is in brainstorm mode.

    10. History of science is a great idea. I think working at a museum would be very interesting especially being able to come up with ideas for exhibits, tours, and educational programs. Am I remembering correctly that you have an MBA?

    11. Yes I do.

      The ideas for ties in history/science with tours/programs. afterhours stuff….very interesting.

    12. Discussed this with my family…they were not keen on it.

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