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    Flying Suicide Bomber Drones: Example of Robotic Warfare + Terrorist Warfare

    Via digg:

    Several experts are warning that we are nearly defenseless against attacks by "AutoCopter" strapped with several pounds of explosives — or worse, biological, chemical, or radiological payloads.

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    In the book, Unrestricted Warfare, The PRC authors listed Robotic Warfare as an additional warfare type that could be combined with other types in interesting new ways. In a prev post of mine, I list the various types with my additions or clarifications.

    Later in the post, the author suggests a scenario:

    One scenario that is particularly disturbing involves a fleet of drones or robotic helicopters launched from an off-shore freighter, sent en masse to attack a large gathering like a sporting event where stampeding from panic would likely cause more deaths than the bombs themselves.

    These would be valuable as both terror weapons and effects weapons.

    As far as terrorism (Robotic Warfare + Terrorist Warfare), imagine a swarm of these deployed against a State Fair in the Midwest, or only 1 or 2 against multiple Friday night High School football (headline: Terror In Bleacher – Robot Jihad Attack). An internal attack like this would have the effect of disrupting the American morale, and distracting or moving leader/policy makers to an internal/defensive frame of mind. I don't want to even think how the bureaucrats at DHS would respond. The morale boost to the Islamofascists would be significant too.

    For actual battlefield effects, assuming most combat is going to take place in or around urban areas, swarms of tiny robotic airborne 4GW weapons could be used from trucks or roof-tops to counter superior American firepower and maneuverability. These weapons could be used to hit fuel trucks, water purification trucks, and HQ/SIGNAL vehicles. I would also target US forces morale facilities (A/C tents, rec-rooms, cafeterias). It might be useful to concentrate on Coalition/Allies (the weak link) and in areas around the western media compounds ("The robots are everywhere – we cannot win this conflict!").

    I can also imagine how Airborne Robotic Weapons could be used to turn friendly or neutral populations against US forces. Assuming, a bit of stealth/standoff, these devices could be used to cause casualties to the population in and around US operations to deceive the population that the casualties are as a result of collateral damage or side-effects of American actions.

    I imagine counter-measures could be developed. Robotic Robotic-hunter/killers, weapons based on a EFF type evaluation (maybe small microwave lasers or mini-phalanx guns).

    The military could deploy the counter-measures. It would be very costly to deploy the counter-measures at civilian sites.

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