Communists Gain in Nepal

The NY Times reports:

Nepal's new and increasingly assertive interim government detained five of the king's men on Friday, as a government-appointed commission set up to investigate the royal crackdown on pro-democracy protests last month recommended an even riskier step: suspending the country's security chiefs.

This will make the countering the Maoist (the NY Times doesn't want to use the words Marxist or Communist) more difficult.

In a series of swift moves apparently aimed at cooling a Maoist rebellion, the new government has released two of the most senior rebel leaders, promised to hold peace talks and reciprocated the guerrillas' cease-fire offer.

Appeasing the Communist by giving them things they want signals weakness and submission.

Last fall, the main political parties linked arms with the Maoists in a joint bid to restore democracy. Last month, their strategy worked to dislodge the king from power. Now comes the tussle among them.

The Communist successively co-opted the manpower of an organization with different goals (democratic Nepal) to advance the Communist's goals. This was a successful use of 4G by the Commies against the pro-democracy forces.

The former ministers arrested on Friday were among the king's most prominent.

Their arrests come against the backdrop of a recommendation by the judicial commission to suspend the chiefs of the Royal Nepalese Army, the Armed Police Force and the intelligence services.

All Leader-obsticles to the Maoist have been removed.

For the government even to consider the suspension of the security chiefs is "a calculated risk," said one foreign diplomat here, who follows Nepal closely and who insisted on not being identified for fear of being seen as interfering in Nepal's internal politics.

The calculation is not risky. It is foolhardy.

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