Nepal Update – Situation Getting Worse

Coming Anarchy has a reader update on the Situation in Nepal were a potential Communist take-over is gaining (I blogged on this earlier):

The idea that is floating around is that the Maoist are already so entrenched in all aspect of government that they cannot be stopped. It is said they are ready to replicate the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, page by page. From the look of it, I see the same.

I had written earlier:

The Communist successively co-opted the manpower of an organization with different goals (democratic Nepal) to advance the Communist's goals. This was a successful use of 4G by the Commies against the pro-democracy forces.

The Coming Anarchy Report begins by confirming my thoughts from above:

The seven opposition parties are fronting the Maoists.

Hopefully, Nepal is small and isolated enough that there isn't any spillover into nearby regions.

In the comments, ZenPundit makes a Killing Fields reference. Let's hope he is not prophetic.

Update: First hand account with the Communist. And another (via ZenPundit)

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