Possible Explanation for the Growing Coziness Between Islamofascists and Transnational Progressives

It has seemed very strange to me that Transnational Progressives and Islomafascists are making common cause on some things.

I thought that their opposite views on religion and competing power goals would have kept them apart. I figured the Tranzis were taking a tactical position of anti-anti-islamofascists because they didn’t really see islamofascism as a threat and it seemed like a could way to oppose American style Democratic Capitalism and soft nationalism (and the Anglo-sphere)

There is another explanation: their common Universalism philosophy.

TCS Daily has an article by James Pinkerton entitled: Universalism vs. Nationalism. One excerpt:

The answer is that all four of the above — Mahony, CAIR, the ACLU, and the Journal — have chosen universalism over nationalism. The four embrace different visions of universalism, to be sure, but each one of them is similar insofar as it seeks to transcend passports and borders. Each of the four pursues a trans-nationalizing, world-flattening globalism that regards nation-states as, at best, necessary evils — and at worst, unnecessary evils.

The article is interesting and covers much more ground then my spin on the the topic (immigration, 4 flavours of Universalism, strengths, weaknesses, and public policy ramifications). It is well worth the time to read it all.

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