The UN Should Contract Out Dafur/Sudan PeaceKeeping to a Private Security Corporation

Via Real Clear Politics, Max Boot Writing in the LA Times says:

Pieces of paper, no matter how promising, require power in order to be enforced. The question is: Who will provide that power in Darfur? The African Union force deployed in 2004 has proven woefully inadequate. Its 7,000 soldiers lack the numbers, training and equipment to patrol an undeveloped region the size of France. They don’t even have a mandate to stop ethnic cleansing; they are only supposed to monitor the situation.

If you listen to the bloviators at Turtle Bay, salvation will come from the deployment of a larger corps of blue helmets. If only. What is there in the history of United Nations peacekeepers that gives anyone any confidence that they can stop a determined adversary?


My point here isn’t to indulge in U.N.-bashing for its own sake but simply to suggest that we should temper our expectations for the peacekeeping force that is due to arrive in Darfur in six to nine months’ time. The drawn-out timetable itself suggests how ineffectual the U.N. is. Even under the best of circumstances, the janjaweed militia will enjoy another half-year of rapine without serious interference.

He then suggests sending in Mercenaries (aka Private Military Corporations PMC aka Private Security Corporations PSC):

Send a private army. A number of commercial security firms such as Blackwater USA are willing, for the right price, to send their own forces, made up in large part of veterans of Western militaries, to stop the genocide. We know from experience that such private units would be far more effective than any U.N. peacekeepers.

This sounds like a reasonable idea and very much a market-state response to Peace Keeping / Sys-Admin needs.

The Private Security Corporation force would be specialized and motivated – they want to make money and win future large peacekeeping/sys-admin contracts.

What is key though, is these forces, since they are working for the UN should wear the Blue Helmets and a UN ID/Patch (in addition to any corporate ID/patches) and have all of the same legal protections and statuses of UN Peacekeepers that come from a uniformed service of a member state assigned to peacekeeper mission. They would not be “Mercenaries”, they would be United Nations (or other appropriate super-national organization) agents.

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