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    5GW Fiction Example: The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy

    This is not a book review (not much of one anyways) of The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy (here is a Wikipedia entry). As far as Clancy books go it is fairly lightweight. It is in the Jack Ryan universe, but that character is only referred to in the novel, he does not appear.

    The novel does describe a 5GW network setup to benefit a state (the USA) with out the state actually knowing about it. This 5GW is directed against a non-state 4GW actor (called informally "the Organization") or "the association of the faithful"). 5GW highlights are:

    • The small 5GW organization is called Hendley Associates and uses multiple corporate shells to hide and conceal info about itself.
    • It was created by a Super-rich individuals with strong beliefs (and the assistance of an outgoing US President, former CIA official)
    • The work on behalf of the US state, but are not known to the state
    • The outgoing president set it up to outlast any successors (especially those who may not take the hard anti-terrorist line).
    • The HQ of the 5GW organization is situated in such a way that they get some of the NSA and CIA traffic (signals and analysis) sent there way
    • The 5GW use as cover Corporate Finance and Investment Management
    • It is now self-financing (partially using insider information) and is not part of the federal budget process
    • Members of the network mostly work out of there own homes or on the road. Communication is with laptops having encrypted virtual office software, and encrypted IP telephony
    • Skill sets utilized by the organization information warfare (IT Infrastructure warfare), Forensic Accounting, Direct Action in the form of secret assassinations
    • Its stated mission: "To Identify, locate, and deal with Terrorist Threats"; and "Neutralize – shit, okay, when necessary and convenient, kill the son of a bitches. Gather information on the nature and severity of the threat, and take whatever action is necessary, depending upon the specific threat. The job is fundamentally intelligence-gathering. The Agency has too many restrictions on how it does business. This special sub-group doesn't"
    • Mission, stated again: "We gather and act upon intelligence information"; and "We do things that have to be done, when the agencies of the government are unable to handle them"
    • The pair of Direct Action assassins who will work together, are two brothers recruited from the FBI and the Marines. Being brothers, they are already tight with each other.
    • Assassination method: recon the target then "accidentally" bump into the target and injecting his bum with succinylcholine via a small pen-looking object (hardly noticeable by the target) that rapidly shuts down the target body and leaves no metabolic traces – the target seems to have had a heart attack
    • They do not do political assassinations

    6 Responses

    1. Another example of a 5G organization in fiction is shown in the book Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. This organization was built to distribute a specific meme known as ‘the footage’.

      Curtis Weeks and I discussed it for a time here:


    2. I have not read that book…yet. I will add it to my list.

    3. That was a very good discussion on Curtis’ site. I just ordered that book through amazon.com.

    4. Another good suggestion would be That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis. One of the characters describes in some detail how to manipulate both visible sides so that you win regardless. The plotline is essentailly one 5GW within another within another…

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