Reddit going lame

I have found that Reddit is going pretty lefty. If you express a non-left view on a topic, or question the analysis of a lefty comment you get mod'd down prety hard. As much as I like to use the pretty darn good interface, the leftist community is driving me away.

Pearsonified has a much harsher critique of a different sort:

Remember those kids from grade school who would rat out another kid for simple, harmless transgressions? Remember the kiss-asses who casually chatted with teachers like they gave a shit and hovered around the desk like brownie-point-seeking vultures? Or what about the kid who always had retarded commentary on whatever the subject was in class? You know him? Oh, and don't even get me started on college – that was even worse! I distinctly remember these goofs who would fight for a seat in the front row and ask all sorts of ridiculous questions during each and every lecture. Sometimes I used to think that even the professors were pissed at these geniuses.

Anyway, you remember these people? I found them. All of them. And now I know what happens to these people after college. Hell, I think I found out where a lot of them hang out while they're still in college. They're on the internet. More specifically, these idiots seem to be flocking towards reddit and other social promotion sites of that ilk.

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