Sunday Night Links

Phatic Communion on Al Qaeda and 5GW: A Possible 5GW Operation is discussed. The article shows that well executed 5GW will cause Analysis Paralysis among those attempting to investigate.

TDAXP links to a LOL version of U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday "sung" by George W. Bush.

Via Michelle Malkin: Saddam and Al-Qaeda ties

Ayatollah's grandson calls for US to overthrow Iran

Lost WW2 submarine USS Lagarto found

North Korea prepares long-range missiles

More DHS Border Suckiness:

Homeland Security, the $40-billion-a-year agency set up to combat terrorism after 9/11, has been given universal jurisdiction and can hold anyone on Earth for crimes unrelated to national security — even me for a court date I missed while I was in Iraq helping America deter terror — without asking what I had been doing in Pakistan among Islamic extremists the agency is designated to stop. Instead, some of its actions are erasing the lines of jurisdiction between local police and the federal state, scarily bringing the words "police" and "state" closer together. As long as we allow Homeland Security to act like a Keystone Stasi, terrorism will continue to win in destroying our freedom.

Heh – "Keystone Stasi"

Corporate Espionage

Introducing WikiCalc

The Math behind tv's deal or new deal (more interesting then the show)

Using social engineering to strike back at a small time con man

Things not said to a poker table asshole


US Missile Defense Agency info (ref1, ref2)

Via TV Squad: Lost Theories

Selfish Biocosm

Merchant Marine Academy (ref1, ref2)

As I type this, I am viewing a South Park rerun on Comedy Channel. It is the Hybrid/Smugness episode from the season that just ended. Something has been changed. Whatever song was originally used during the opening scene, it has been replaced. The new song is a big band version of Cole Porter's Begin the Beguine (Artie Shaw, I think; maybe Benny Goodman though). I wonder why? I love Porter's music and Begin the Beguine is wonderful, but it doesn't fit the episode. I can't find anything on the South Park website, so maybe my memory is faulty.

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  1. Al-Qaida Goes 5GW — or not

    A 5GW operation will create conditions and contingencies to avoid detection by hiding among the crazies. I can see where parts of an operation might purposely be exposed and then linked with false information and crazy theories to discourage real…

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