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Nazis as Proto-4GW

So, I am a bit behind on posting.

Zenoundit has a post entitled Were The Nazis The First 4GW Movement In History that is worth reading (Amendment Nine also posts a response with discussion).

Instead, we should go to the roots of the 4GW phenomena, an anti-state
phenomena. Namely, the early totalitarian movements of the twentieth
century, in particular, the Nazi Party and its driving force and
articulator, Adolf Hitler.


What if Hitler and the Nazis represented not the triumph of the total state but the first harbinger of the nation-state's passing ?

It is possible that those thinking about 4GW concentrate too much on 4GW as Guerrilla War X Other Stuff extrapolations. 4GW is still evolving and more variants will emerge. Looking at other proto-4GW movements, or other possible precursors will give us all a better idea of the direction 4GW and conflict in general will go.

What can 4GW theorist learn from organized crime like the Sicilian Mafia (and the godfather movies)?

How about the Right-wing/Neo-Fascists/Survivalist groups in America which seem to have peaked in the 1980s? Can anything be learned from how the KKK organized and operated in the 1900's?

How about PETA?

How about the 100-year suffragettes movement?

Or the Prohibition movement. How the heck was that ever passed in the first place?

What can they learn from the Indian National movement (of which Ghandi's peaceful resistance was only one part) or the American Civil Rights Movement (1900-1970)?

Can we learn from the IRA? Can we learn from the British response to the IRA?

Okay, each one of those could be a separate post, and hours of research. Someday, maybe.

5 Responses

  1. Noy *exactly* related/relevant, but couldn’t help wondering as an *aside*–have you ever read David Ludlum’s “The Holcroft Covenant”? Or its seeming-/semi-/demi-/sort-of- (but not exactly)sequel, “The Apocalypse Watch”?

  2. I have not read eigther.

  3. Looking at it online…I may have seen the michael caine movie. I will check out the book.

  4. I finally got around to reading the The Holcroft Covenant over many many lunch hours. It was okay. I got bored eventually.

  5. […] this: It is possible that those thinking about 4GW concentrate too much on 4GW as Guerrilla War X Other […]

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