What Would a 5GW Civil War for the American Nation Look Like?

I write about the anti-anti-islamofascists here:

If the citizens and residents of the USA are not mostly united about the idea of the American Nation and Western Civilization we can not hope to win the combo 4GW/5GW war that we face against the Islamofascists. How large is the internal enemy: 10% / 20% / 30% or more of the population? In 5GW fashion, are they over-represented in vital institutions (like the media, educational services, the state department, the CIA even)?


Can the enemy collapse us from within by leaking our secrets (to preserver their active fighters and the infrastructures of islamafascisim) while eliminating our collective will to fight/resist/win, and even gently dissuading us over time of the very notion that the American Nation and Western Civilization is worth preserving?

and here:

To the anti-anti-islamofascists, the war was a mistake, we are loosing it, and the best thing we can do to regain our prominent position in the world (now lost) is pull out of Iraq (and cease support of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and of any country whose arab/islamic leaders are friendly to the USA) as quickly as we can (they had a government for 6 months in Iraq now after all). We have learned our lesson that the US cannot and should attempt military action overseas unless it is in no way in the national interest (besides the true purpose of the defense establishment is pork barrel spending at home).

I am reminded of the Fonte’s idea of an ideological war for western civilization:

Talk in the West of a “culture war” is somewhat misleading, because the arguments over transnational vs. national citizenship, multiculturalism vs. assimilation, and global governance vs. national sovereignty are not simply cultural, but ideological and philosophical. They pose Aristotle’s question: “What kind of government is best?”

In America, there is an elemental argument about whether to preserve, improve, and transmit the American regime to future generations or to transform it into a new and different type of polity. We are arguing about “regime maintenance” vs. “regime transformation.”

The challenge from transnational progressivism to traditional American concepts of citizenship, patriotism, assimilation, and the meaning of democracy itself is fundamental. If our system is based not on individual rights (as defined by the U. S. Constitution) but on group consciousness (as defined by international law); not on equality of citizenship but on group preferences for non- citizens (including illegal immigrants) and for certain categories of citizens; not on majority rule within constitutional limits but on power-sharing by different ethnic, racial, gender, and linguistic groups; not on constitutional law, but on transnational law; not on immigrants becoming Americans, but on migrants linked between transnational communities; then the regime will cease to be “constitutional,” “liberal,” “democratic,” and “American,” in the understood sense of those terms, but will become in reality a new hybrid system that is “post-constitutional,” “post-liberal,” “post-democratic,” and “post-American.”

Maybe I am just in a pessimistic mood tonight. I can’t help but think I am seeing 5GW shadows here.

The American Nation has had two bloody civil wars already (this one and this one) – we won’t have another. We have arguably had a third civil war that was a mostly peaceful 4GW Civil War (that is a debate for another post).

It is unlikely that a third bloody civil war will take place.

I think I sense the beginning of the fourth civil war – a 5GW Civil War. The institutions of the nations are being slowly subverted (Boiling the Frog style) to call for the rejection of the American Nation’s DNA from which it originated. The “other side” is both sub-national and “trans-national”. It is purpose-driven with long time-frames. It uses the institutions of the US against the US.

Okay, let me think more about this. While this might be a flash of 5GW insight, it might just be conspiracy mongering and paranoia (the excellent built-in defense of 5GW movements).

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  1. I will check out the novel.

  2. FYI – I could not get into “When the Almond Tree Blossoms”.

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