Other Science Fiction TV shows I Would Like To See

The idea of a Star Trek v2 got me thinking on what other Science Fiction TV shows I’d like to see:

Buckaroo Banzai

Star Trek rebooted

As I blogged before I like this idea.

  • Updated Effects
  • Long Story Arcs
  • Make use of science fictions writers
  • Modern TV sensibilities (think BSG or Deadwood, or the Wire)
  • Search for a timeless theme songs (not boring orchestra themes like for voyager)

The Time Tunnel rebooted

  • I am a sucker for time travel and alternate histories
  • Modernize TV story telling (ala NSG or deadwood)
  • Longer story arcs More characters
  • Time travel and alternative history
  • Have an adversary
  • Have a story where they oppose the now insane time traveler from the H.G. Wells story as he tries to get home and keep changing things…heck make him clue them into the opposition/enemy for the series before he escape again all crazy like

Flash Gordon rebooted

Think Flash in the style of “24” or the first two season of Alias


The SciFi channel try had some good moments, but a better effort is needed. This is a rich fantasy world with every possible human from history as a character. It should cover multiple groups story arcs.

I would like to see a series based on the Gateway novels.

Lastly: I want to watch the final 4 seasons of Odyssey 5!

Flash Gordon (with arch-enemy Ming and best gal Dale)

flash-and-ming dale-arden


4 Responses

  1. Hi! Just stumbled across the site while looking for info on ‘Odyssey 5’, and I liked your suggestions. I’m going to give this entry a mention in my blog later today.

    What struck me funny was seeing your mention of ‘Flash Gordon’, to which I’d have to add more than a year later – be careful what you wish for!

  2. Oh my but the new Flash Gordon sucks! Ha! They did not follow my advice on how to it, that is for sure! Thanks for the link. Your blog looks interesting.

  3. There have been two Sci-Fi channel attempts at Riverworld. Both haven’t not been that good. I think that means it is un-makeable, Oh well.

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