My New Term: Open Source Espionage

With the actions of the New York Times fresh in my mind, and while driving home listening to some leftists on NPR re-assure themselves, I yelled out a phrase – Open Source Espionage.

Open Source Espionage (OSE?) will be used in 4GW (and 5GW…though I haven’t thought about this in that context).

Consider this clear espionage scenario:

  • A US Treasury department official…
  • smuggles out the details of a legal but secret US Intelligence Program on a USB drive…
  • Passes it off to Abu Quisling who “pays him for his expenses and risk”…
  • Who shoves it up his ass…
  • Before flying to Europe…
  • To hand it off to the brothers…

We would call the above espionage – without a doubt.

Just like the methods of war-fighting change in 4GW, it appears that some new intelligence techniques now exists.

In the New York Times instance they, as anti-anti-islamofascists, have committed espionage against the US, but delivered the intelligence through a 4GW-ish method – public electronic information and media publications.

The anti-anti-islamofacists I listened to on NPR (and I presume elsewhere), are claiming freedom of speech or freedom of the press in the support of this successful espionage operation against the US. Those freedoms are about political speech and political media publishing. I don’t think it is meant to be an absolute right to say or print anything (slander, libel, death threats, orders to commit crime, etc.). Espionage by passing information via words and newsprint, is espionage just as if the information has been left at a dead drop on a microdot or smuggled out up Abu Quislings ass in a USB Thumb Drive.

The US leaders and public don’t really understand 4GW or how public policy and national security activity are effected by it (I am still gaining my understanding of it). The US leaders and public are still living in a mostly 2GW (slightly 3GW) world-view. They don’t really understand the changes wrought by 4GW (and the emerging 5GW). Perhaps, we have also gone soft a bit with out success over the last 25 years.

So what can be done to counter Open Source Espionage? I have a few ideas (very rough):

  • update the espionage act
  • educate relentlessly the U.S. leaders and public about 4GW and islamofascism
  • Create a counter-terror/4GW court/legal system with pro-American Nation Lawfare opportunities
  • Long-Term: need to do something about the untangling cohesivnss of the American Nation and Western Civilization
  • Short-Term: What do do about the Anti-anti-islamofascist and the 4GW / proto-5GW Fifth Column? Islamofascist supporters could be sued under R.I.C.O. (Perhaps a 4GW Rico-ish legislation needed including US Lawfare Options both criminal and civil)

Update: Related info on Hot Air

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