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Open Source Espionage and the Anti-Anti-Islamofascists

David Frum has an article entitled Whose Side Is the Left On about two concepts I have been mulling over in my mind recently: the emergence of Open Source Espionage and the non-trivial existence of Anti-Anti-Islamofascists.

He writes about what I call Open Source Espionage:

The Times’ terrorism-financing story followed two other intensely damaging leaks: One to the Times disclosed details of the National Security Agency’s program for intercepting terrorist communications; another to the Washington Post disclosed the locations of the prisons where high-value al-Qaeda captives were held for questioning.

Altogether, these three stories helped al-Qaeda to transfer money more securely, to conceal its communications more effectively, and to identify potential targets for terrorist retaliation and blackmail. Short of printing coupons to offer terrorists discounts on their next purchase of a nuclear device, it’s hard to imagine how a media organization could provide more assistance to the terrorist enemy than these stories in the Times and Post have done.

He writes this about what I call the Anti-Anti-Islamofascists (which includes much but not all of of the left):

The divulgence of crucial national secrets has elicited remarkably little outrage from Democrats in Congress. Few have stepped forward to defend the Times or the civil servants who leaked to it, but almost none has condemned the leak, either.

Now the Hamdan decision–and the resulting urgent need for new anti-terrorist legislation–forces a decision upon Congress and the Democratic minority. Where do they stand? What will they support?

This is more than merely a partisan question. It goes directly to the question of whether the U.S. and the West will be able to combat terrorism as united societies–or whether their left wings will opt out, or balk, or worse.

Some of the Anti-Anti-Islamofascists just don’t believe Islamofascism is a real threat. They believe that Democratic Capitalism in general and specifically George Bush and Republican/Conservative parties are their real opponents. These tend to be of the left or Transnational Progressives. They are focused on what Fonte calls the Ideological War Within the West, and which is turning into a sort of WesternCiv 5GW Civil War.

Other Anti-Anti-Islamofascists included Muslims who while not taking part in active Jihad, tacitly agree with its goals and help in soft ways like giving money to known faux-charities, and opposing sensible security controls claiming racism / islamophobia / victimhood.

Some Anti-Anti-Islamofascists are just this new long war’s version of Useful Idiots. Alot of the left and the democratic party stalwarts fall into this category.

Update: More on the Tranzis from Stephan Den Beste / USS Clueless

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