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    Email Anti-Spam Overview

    CircleID has a an email anti-spam overview entitled: What is Anti-Spam?

    Spam is a symptom—a symptom of a sick society, ultimately—and email systems can mitigate or exacerbate the symptoms, depending on their properties, but never fix the root cause. Thus, in the end, all we can ask of an email system is that it mitigate the harm caused by spammers and other miscreants as much as possible. In considering any approach to email, we ought to judge it on its own particular benefits and costs in this regard. The benefits aren’t limited to “a cleaner inbox”: they may consist in generally reduced costs to recipients, the ability to offer preferential treatment to good actors, the social clout to ostracise spammers, and so on.

    Let’s learn to appreciate the hidden costs and benefits of these techniques, and to think outside the inbox.

    I am not in the Email anti-spam biz like I have been in a past life, but it is worth the time to read. It covers many anti-spam techniques and more general issues elated to the email spam problem (but it does not bring in Economic Lawfare).

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