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    MySpace Shenanigans?

    Security Focus has a post on MySpace’s “issues” entitled MySpace, a place without MyParents

    But, like, have you heard? There are sexual predators, pedophiles, murderers, bullies, tramps, sharpies, and frauds on MySpace! The children are at risk! Just visit MyCrimeSpace or The Dead Kids Of MySpace and you’ll find a bellyful of stories that will scare the willies out of you. I spent around four hours last night reading many of them, and they collectively are portraits of the dregs – or at least the really stupid members – of society.

    …and the sets us straight:

    Folks, we are in the midst of a mass hysteria. The media has found the latest way to drive readers and ratings: the good ol’ fashioned gumbo stew of children and teens, sexuality, murder and death, new technology, and fear. Lots and lots of fear. Fear that freaks out parents and those in authority and leads to bad decisions made in the name of security.

    Look, I know there are really bad people using MySpace to do really bad things. If its criminal, they should be caught and punished. But I also know that there are really bad people in the grocery stores, at the movie theaters, in parks, and even on the other end of the phone.

    I went to MySpace once but I didn’t want to create an account
    just to follow a blog link.

    The article veers off the subject a bit, but remains interesting.

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