Suggested 26 US Constitution Amendments (Part 7 of 8): Strech

This PurpleSlog series will suggest 26 amendments, (plus 2 “stretch” amendments). Additionally I will note 9 common amendment ideas that I think should be passed on.

This post: Stretch Amendments

My Concern/Caveat: The list of amendments comes from years of thinking and note taking. I have documented the source/inspiration of the idea when remember it or have it noted. Some of the ideas where mine and then combined with like proposals. I will add further documentation as I find or as it is brought to my attention.

Freedom of Choice Constitutional Amendment


That neither the federal or state governments shall make law that criminalizes, restricts, or otherwise penalizes a natural-born person for any activity which neither harms another individual nor their property beyond their consent.


Private Liberty unbounded and some privacy enhancement

Note:I do not have documented the original inspiration for this idea. I would appreciate any pointers to it or something similar.

Plain English Constitutional Amendment


Write federal, state and local laws and regulations in plain English, so the average person can understand them.


Reduce Lawfare possibilities, and reduce the power of government central planners and the messes that over regulation creates. A national non-Parisian non-partisan committee should be formed to create standards, guidelines and to create model laws with the correct Plain English format.

Robert Heinlein:

(Originally uploaded to Flickr by The Nick)

2 Responses

  1. “A national non-Parisian committee should be formed . . .”

    Sacre Bleu! What do you have against Parisians?

    Wisecracks aside, I approve.

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