Eurabia Rising: Polling, Anti-Anti-Islamofascists, The Media, Muslims And The Muslim Threat

Shrinkwrapped says in a wide ranging article on Euro-Muslim beliefs:

In Western countries there has been the gradual slippage of the press’s traditional role, which rested on the ideal of objectivity in gathering and presenting news. Since the heady days of Watergate and Vietnam, the press has taken upon itself the task of advocating progressive positions. This is taught in Journalism school along with more traditional fare such as how to construct a gripping opening sentence. Along with a quasi-official Political Correctness, promulgated by the press and by governments in the West, the combination leads to “news” that is often revealing more for what is omitted than for what is overtly presented.

The journalism students I knew at my university were generally the stupidest people I knew when it came to reason/critical thinking ability, and had the lowest awareness of history, politics, and economics. They all tended to stand out as very liberal/left (and that was at a liberal/left school). Nothing in the article surprised me too much.

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