The Jihad Moves to Flickr

I am a big fan of Flickr and its photo-goodiness.

So, this is kind of a sad discovery.

Flickr too is being used as a tool of Jihad (to send 4GW messages). You can use this link as a starting point.

I got pissed when REDDIT and Digg were mostly ruined (especially the comments) by the lefties and anti-anti-islamofascisist. It is going to suck if the Jihad (and lefties and the anti-anti-islamofascists and useful idiots) effect Flickr too.

Update: Ok, there are anti-jihad pictures too. I never intended to be a war blogger, so the events in the Mideast are getting me a bit down…I had hoped the point of no return was farther out, but it does not seem to be. I’d much rather blog on security, applications of economic thinking, and pop culture.Since this is going to be the main event for the next 50 years, I will blog on.

4 Responses

  1. Are you familiar with “O’Sullivan’s Law”?

    All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing.'Sullivan_(columnist)

    Interesting you should mention Reddit–I just joined it recently–

  2. REDDIT is a good source of articles. The comments are bad. I complain, but I still look for articles on it sometimes.

  3. The O’Sullivan’s Law is new to me.

    I am trying to think of examples I know of personally where that is not true.

  4. Carnival Against Islamofacism: Lammas Edition!

    Welcome to the July 30, 2006 edition of carnival against islamofacism.

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