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    Moore’s Law and High Tech 4GW

    From Shrinkwrapped:

    In the next 5-10 years, Moore’s Law will make Iraqi style insurgencies a thing of the past…Here is my best guess on how this can work on the battlefield; it involves Smart Birds, Smart Bats, and Smart Mosquitoes along with Smart Snakes, Smart Centipedes, and Smart Cockroaches.

    It is a fascinating extrapolation of technology and Moore’s Law into the first realistic description of a hi-tech 4GW (the article does not refer to 4GW), that I have ever read (though that may just reflect what I read). This is not a description of so-called Network Centric Warfare (NCW) which is really just hi-tech 3GW.

    One stray thought: if Moore’s Law really means that in 10-15 years a high-tech 4GW can overcome guerrilla/media 4GW, then maybe containment could work and should be US policy. Policy could be toward delaying the approaching the nuclear-point-of-no-return until real US hi-tech 4GW can take care of business.

    2 Responses

    1. […] A Global actor (state or non-state) will want to have both offensive and defensive 4GW capabilities. I think the xGW framework is bit fuzzy – there are hi-tech/kinetic possibilities and soft-power/historical possibilities still emerging. […]

    2. […] out this Shrinkwrapped post for more idea (linked from this post of mine) […]

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