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Suggested 26 US Constitution Amendments (Part 8 of 8): Bad Ideas

This PurpleSlog series will suggest 26 amendments, (plus 2 “stretch” amendments). Additionally I will note 9 common amendment ideas that I think should be passed on.

This post: Common Amendment ideas I think are a bad idea.

My Concern/Caveat: The list of amendments comes from years of thinking and note taking. I have documented the source/inspiration of the idea when remember it or have it noted. Some of the ideas where mine and then combined with like proposals. I will add further documentation as I find or as it is brought to my attention.

Direct Election of president

The electoral vote system is a stabilizing/balancing force, and makes elections more manageable.

Lengthening of congressional terms – 4 Year house terms

Like the House needs to be less accountable

Anti-flag burning

There is no flood or flag burning; no constitutional crisis

Note: I have changed my mind on this one.

Allow Non-Native Born President

There is no dearth of potential native-born leaders.Also, this acts as a small counter 4GW and counter-5gw control.

Strict Marriage Amendment

I just don’t know what think on this – I have no settled belief as to what public policy should be on this. Given that, maybe the feds should get out of the marriage business, or turn it over to the states.

So-call Equality Amendment

This would be a Leftist Lawfare Action enabler

DC Statehood / Equal Representation Amendment

Transfer chunks of DC back to surrounding states if they want congressional representation.

Direct election of Federal Judges

As long as Congress takes impeachment for misconduct seriously, there is no need.

Anti-abortion amendment

I would prefer a state-by-state federalism approach, if a change is needed at all.


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