Hint of a Leftist-Tinged 5GW

From Kobayashi Maru, in the middle of an article entitled Indoctrination Before Education: Training Little Marxists:

Bottom line: Head failed the course. He’s now suing under a First Amendment argument. The whole thing – while a bit long – is worth skimming for the other shocking anecdote it contains: a tale of unprosecuted and jubilantly unrepentent ’60s Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers’ re-invention as a leader in secondary school curriculum development on a national level.

It made me think immediately of 5GW Theorizing in the Comments of an early Zenpundit post:

Perhaps the Left is already 5GW. In 4GW the enemy attempts to influence the media and culture to undermine a country’s war effort, but maybe in 5GW the enemy seeks to become the country’s media, university and grade school teachers, writers, artists, etc. They become the purveyors of culture. A kind of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” strategy.

Failed or only partially successful 4GW warriors may continue the mission to achieve their goals by re-inventing themselves as 5GW. The successor 5GW org could then seed and/or manipulate future generation of 4GW movements.

Here is the link to the entire article referenced in the the post I link to. Note these Sections:

…has the same goals as the failed Weathermen Underground 4GW effort, but has changed the means…

Like many other tenured and well-heeled radicals, Ayers keeps hoping for a revolutionary upheaval that will finally bring down American capitalism and imperialism. But now, instead of planting bombs in bathrooms, he has been planting the seeds of resistance and rebellion in America’s future teachers, who will then pass on the lessons to the students in their classrooms.

…using a small steps (the 5GW Boiling the Frog approach)…

One by one, the education schools are lining up behind social justice teaching and enforcing it on their students—especially since they expect aspiring teachers to possess the approved liberal “dispositions,” or individual character traits, that will qualify them to teach in the public schools.

I just noticed, that the Zenpundit article was the first thing I read on 5GW. I even posted an anonymous pre-Purpleslog comment.

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