Sampling The YouTube Battlefield

4GW is about sending messages to your opponents, your allies, and fence sitters. Actual kinetic warfare is also in the context of message sending.

Recently, I have been exploring YouTube for its vidigoodness.

In the context of 4GW, YouTube is a cheap, global distribution mechanism for video messages. Israel’s war against Islamofascism has moved there too. The comments are crude and emotional, not the quality of a reasoned blog post, but he video imagery is more powerful to most then words.
Here area few examples:

Message: hearten resolve among Israel’s supporters; convince fence sitters to at least stay neutral, if not come to Israel’s side.

Message: Hezbollah is standing firm

Message to Fence Sitters: Lebanon needs you (with very passionate feeling music

George Galloway rallying the Anti-Anti-Islamofascists and the Left in the UK

Message Fence Sitters and Islamofascist supporters: Hezbollah fighters are brave and skilled and worthy of your support

Message Purpose: Stir Islamofascist Patriotic Feelings and Support for Hezbollah

Message: To fence sitting westerners, Israel must be stopped from what they are doing in Lebanon

Message from HotAir: A reminder to the US that Hezbollah is a US enemy too

Message to the Western Young Adults: Israel is making all bad decisions. They should just stop. There is moral equivalency here…and that is bad – fence-sitters should stay on the fence.

Message: Proper Feelings of Anti-Israel and Anti-US. Share in an islamofascist rally in Iran.

Message: To Fence-sitting Muslims – Hezbollah sucks.

Message: Islamic leaders should be the subject of ridicule

Message to Anglosphere Men: Come to Israel…it is a um…nice looking place

OK, I am tired of looking at videos now.

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