Western Media At War

LGF has a post with a map showing the (lack of) devastation in Beirut.

LGF shows the media is not reporting on Beirut accurately.

The question –> is it:

  • Sloppy/Bad reporting?
  • anti-anti-islamofascists supporting islamofascists?
  • emotionally involved and dramatizing by reporters on the ground who are in the thick of it?

I always understood the purpose of the American press to present facts to US Citizens so that US citizens can have well informed positions.

I suspect a large percent of the press wants to tell us what are opinions should be.

A well functioning press is a necessary condition of a strong democratic nation. America’s mainstream press institutions are failing U.S. Citizens.

Update: (ht LGF) EU Referendum does the forensics work and shows evidence of the Western media complicity in islamofascists propaganda. It is damning stuff.

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