US Policy For A Post-Castro Cuba Should Begin Now

There are reports (Milwaukee Journal / AP) circulating on U.S. Plans to assist Cuba post-Castro. The plan seems to be sysadmin-ish.

My feeling is – why wait? No I am not suggesting anything military-wise.

The US should simply end the embargo of Cuba now and let the economic and social connections start to grow between the US and Cuba naturally and privately. The US should respect all existing ownership/property as they exists now…the claims of those who fled should not be supported – but any claims post-embargo should be.

The US can open an embassy or consulate – but this should not be a US government effort for the most part.

It should be the effort of US companies, social groups, churches, and individuals all with there own agendas, goals and incentives.

The US should not fear Cuba anymore. It is not destabilising the Caribbean or South America or Africa. It is time to start connecting Cuba to the US.

2 Responses

  1. Peggy Noonan put it about right last week:

    How about this: Treat it as an opportunity. Use the change of facts to announce a change of course. Declare the old way over. Declare a new U.S.-Cuban relationship, blow open the doors of commerce and human interaction, allow American investment and tourism, mix it up, reach out one by one and person by person to the people of Cuba. “Flood the zone.” Flood it with incipient prosperity and the insinuation of democratic values. Let Castroism drown in it. ………………..
    With Castro gone, why not seize the moment for some wise, judicious, free-market love-bombing?
    As in: Allow Americans to go to Cuba. Allow U.S. private money into Cuba. Let hotels, homes, restaurants, stores be developed, bought, opened, reopened. Use Fidel’s death to reintroduce Cubans on the ground to Americans, American ways, American money and American freedom. Remind them of what they wanted, what they thought they were getting when the bearded one came down from the Sierra Maestre. Use his death/illness/collapse/disappearing act as an excuse to turn the past 40 years of policy on its head. Declare him over. Create new ties. Ignore the dictator, make partnerships with the people.


  2. Dang…she is a much better writer then I am – that’s for sure!

    Thanks for the link.

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