Lazy Computer System Administrators Rocks

From Approach.Botonomy.Com (ht REDDIT), an article of the philosophy of successful computer systems administrators:

This is also a case of something being good for the team and good for the individual at the same time. For the team, process automation yields greater consistency and predictability. For the individual team member, automated builds, scripted deployments, and the like often mean the difference between going home and watching The Simpsons with dinner at 7PM, or going home and watching it Tivo’ed with your re-heated dinner at 9PM.

Good SysAdmins automate everything. There is nothing fun about repeating mundane tasks every day or week, nor is it fun “fixing” the same thing over and over again.

The Lazy SysAdmin wants to minimize wasted activity – things that add no value, and take time from activities that add value.

Working new projects adds value.

Learning new things and honing existing skills adds value.

Making problems go away for you boss or your organization adds value.

The Lazy SysAdmin is really a Lean Sys Admin.

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