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    Scrappy Underdog Syndrome

    The Augean Stables has wide ranging (and read worthy) post that includes a topic that I refer to “Scrappy Underdog” syndrome and he refers to as “Underdoggism and Leveling the Playing Field”:

    It is a natural and important component of civil society to sympathize with the underdog. Most of history offers a panorama of elites taking advantage of their monopoly on the technologies of weapons and communications to dominate if not crush the masses, what I call “prime divider societies.” Giving the little guy a break is one of the great acts of social empathy that creates an egalitarian society. (Nietzsche called it the “slave morality,” and has been a favorite of resentful former elites ever since.) In this case, the perceived underdogs are the Palestinians, a deeply unfortunate people whose misery few will deny. The obvious superiority of the Israelis in every sense — military, economic, cultural, political — encourages outside observers to view this as an unfair conflict. Why should the Israelis do so well and the Palestinians be so miserable. Nothing excites such attitudes more than the glaring difference between Israeli settlements on the West Bank and (formerly) in Gaza and the wretchedness of the Palestinians. The Israelis must be stealing from them (land, water, roads, resources) in order to do so well.

    The islamofascist generally try to portray themselves as the Scrappy Underdog because the media, the left and the uniformed lap it up. As 4GW fighters, it is a good media warfare tactic on their part.

    In a sense their role in the Arab-Israeli conflict can be best understood as an extension, using the power of photography, of the liberal media advocacy of the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 60s.

    I have always suspected the above. Even as a young Purpleslog I saw evidence of this as a undergraduate at UW-Madison (a liberal university). I remember a meeting the student government senate.

    I ran a small service center for the student government (exam copies, typewriters, copy machines). Members of the far left party wanted the student government to spend some thousands of dollars to purchase additional typewriters. I pointed out that the current typewriters went mostly untouched during the year as computers were now everywhere on campus – so this seemed like a waste of money.

    The leftist immediately called me racist for having this view. Now, the vast majority of student senators had been paying no attention, didn’t know the budget, and didn’t know the finances of the center. They did know that “racism” was wrong though – and they didn’t want to be on the side of a racists.

    The lefties barley lost the vote. They were of course outraged.

    A year or so later I was out of school and they took over student government. From what I was told, they looted the place. All of the desk, chairs, computers and things of value magically disappeared. No doubt that was for good of the cause.

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