Where My Sense of Urgency Comes From In the War

I made this comment at the Dr Sanity Blog:

Chunky…you are right that given enough time the liberty example could serve as antidote.

Time is the problem.

There is a race on.

The race is between:

1) How long it takes the liberty antidote to fundamentally change Arab/Islamic civilization (How many years or decades?


2) How long does it take the Islamofascist parts of Arab/Islamic civilization to present a clear and immediate threat to the survival of the US/”The West”/”The Free World” (by acquiring Nuclear or BioChem weapons, credible delivery mechanisms, and by using said weapons or by signaling imminent use).

If #1 occurs first: cool, excellent, and a hearty well-done for all.

If #2 occurs first…well, Arab/Islamic civilization will need to be destroyed in a brutal, direct, and complete way. Our descendants may feel bad about it and have guilt, but it will be done.

The preferred scenario is #1. I am saddened that scenario #2 will most likely be the one to play. There is not a third alternative. The US is never going to adopt sharia, accept dhimmi status, and surrender. It is not going to happen. Was it USS Clueless that wrote (it seem many years ago now) something to the effect…the US can fight 12 wars at the same time if it has to…but those will almost all be Nuclear? The choice for both sides is the same: Liberty or Death.

I have added some links to it. We need to fight for Scenario One, to Avoid Scenario two.

If I sound angry sometimes about anti-anti-islamofascists and useful idiots, it is because they make it more likely that Scenario Two will occur.

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  1. This is still my fear.

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