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    5GW Thought: Would a Goal of a 5GW Organization Be To Reduce the Resiliency of the Target State?

    5GW Thought: 5GW organization should target a state or civilization’s resiliency over time (boiling the frog) to reduce long-term survival prospect even if not directly trying to bring it down (reduced resiliency as a goal).

    Zenpundit has had a series of posts on States and Resiliency. Checking…

    Here is an article “Countering 4gw: State Resilience, Not State Building, Is Key“. Zenpundit writes:

    State Resilience, as the term implies is a state having the quality of adapting and continuing to function despite severe trauma or losses. When under attack, Non-resilient States lash out stupidly, retreat or collapse. Resilient States adjust and hit back from an unexpected direction. The term indicates a fusion of political will with executive competence and material means.

    Nation-states are at root simply very large, very complex, networks with the capacity to determine the rule-sets that govern the behavior of all the smaller, internal, subnetworks they contain or the external networks with which they come in to contact. The greater the legitimacy of the state, the less frequently it need employ physical force to assure compliance. with legitimacy, the state’s rule-sets exude enough moral authority and secure the nonzero sum outcomes that win voluntary obedience. Legitimacy in turn is secured when the governed implicitly recognize in their leadership a reflection of the deepest of their societal values.


    Against secure State Resiliency, a 4GW movement can make no headway, unless perhaps it would be to represent themselves as more truly ” authentic” agents of society than the state itself. This is in fact the card that Osama bin Laden and radical Salafis and Deobandis seek to play in the Arab-Muslim world. It is a claim that has traction because so many regimes in that region of the world are unrepresentative, incompetent and deeply corrupt -in fact the degraded nature of these governments fostered the emergence of the terror networks dedicated to their destruction. Where the rulers are both self-confidently ruthless and are reflecting some degree of popular values of their own, usually nationalism, then the appeal of Islamism is muted.

    Assuming ZenPundit’s thoughts are correct (and I think he is), then a goal of a 5GW might be to reduce state resiliency to make the state more susceptible to attack by a 4GW by weakening some or all of the things mentioned by ZenPundit that increase resiliency.

    Want to take down a state? A super Empowered Individual or small group of individuals could construct a 5GW to reduce the resiliency of the state slowly over generation and wait for 4GW movements to take advantage of the changed situation (the 4GW and 5GW don’t have to have any relationship).

    2 Responses

    1. Yeah, I think this is certainly an approach that may be taken by a 5GW effector. Indeed, I have proposed before that a 5GW effector may be better served and better able to do the opposite and -build- the resiliency of a state or group in order to make it -more resilient- in order to better resist the attacks of 4GW forces. (thereby showing the link in the generational warfare model that shows how each successive generation of warfare is designed to fight against the previous generation)

      5GW, in my mind, is a strategy based on creating a situation or a set of circumstances in order to reach a certain outcome. In itself it is neith offensive or defensive, it merely is.

    2. Arherring, I don’t see any reason why it could not be in the interest of the 5GW group to eigther buildup or reduce the resiliency of a state based on whatever are the goals the 5GW group wants. That makes good sense.

      You said: “5GW, in my mind, is a strategy based on creating a situation or a set of circumstances in order to reach a certain outcome. In itself it is neith offensive or defensive, it merely is.”

      I like the above very much. Just as moving from 2gw/3gw to 4GW blurs front-lines/rear-areas and hard-power/soft-power primacy, moving from 4GW to 5GW blurs offense and defense activity.

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