4GW and Soft Power – Notes and Snippets

I having been working on a few potential posts with a bit more meat in them The big constraint on me recently has been time.

In preparation for long post or series of post on a different spin of the Generations of War (xGW) framework, I have been exploring soft power thinking. I have been thinking that 4GW is still being worked out the full range of possibilities is still being worked out. It is too focused on advanced/evolved guerrilla warfare. In 4GW, soft power is used to avoid the industrial might and firepower of 2GW and 3GW opponents. Also, a 4GW operation will use either hard power or soft power to fix an opponent, and the other to strike. In my draft notes, I shorthand 4GW as Full Spectrum Warfare I know Nye breake out Hard, Economic, and soft power. BY I just break it out as hardpower and softpower (including PNM Theory style sysadmin activities).

Anyways, here is a list of interestng 4GW & softpower ideas I have found so far, I may update this over time.

Hmm…there was a lot less then I hoped for. I am going to have to back to the Nye books.

BTW, I would appreciate any other suggestions.

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  1. Hi P.

    Briefs at Robb’s Global Guerillas.

    Lind’s follow-up 4GW report in DNI archives

    Some of TDAXP’s highly illustrated posts – I’d actually suggest you email him as he has some with comments from Chet Richards somewhere in his archives

    Some of the ” Harmony and Disharmony” al Qaida documents -I think available at SWC library

    Some of Chet Richards other briefs at DNI -esp. where he reviews other strategists

    Van Creveld’s Transformation of War and rise and Decline of the State

  2. Thank you for the ideas!

  3. […] thinking went this way: I have been thinking that 4GW is still being worked out the full range of possibilities is still […]

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