Dispatches From An Alternative Universe: Democrats Reorganize for Victory

TCS Daily has a wire service report from an Alternate Universe:

WASHINGTON (SatireNewsService) — Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), flanked by former Senator Zell Miller (D-GA), Senator John Kerry (D-MA), Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and other Democratic leaders announced today that the long awaited Democrat plan for victory in the 2006 Congressional elections had been completed.

Holding aloft a thick binder entitled Muscular Democrats — A Comprehensive Plan for Something Other Than Moral Victory, Lieberman said, “this plan pulls Democrats back from the precipice of treason onto the solid ground of loyalty that America’s opposition parties have always occupied during times of war.”

If the Dems can not be serious about national security, I can not consider them legitimately for national offices.

The USA is worse off for this. We need two legitimate parties.

I always told my friends the key to a Democratic presidential victory in 2004 was nominating someone who would 1) go over-the-top of the Republicans on national security issues, 2) support and push for one or two pet conservative/libertarian cause (flat income tax, national vouchers for education, radical pension/social security reform) and 3) be a moderate/centrist democrat on everything else. That guy/gal would have won bigtime in 2004 and 2008 and 2012…you get the idea.

Instead, they treated as legitimate nutcase candidates like Kucinich / Braun / Sharpton. Former interesting moderate Dean morphed into a lefty nutcase in front of us. Strong national security democrats Graham and Lieberman were ignored by the party. Finally they nominated lightweight lefty Kerry with runner-up (and junk science trial lawyer) Edwards.

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