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    Wednesday Night Links

    Shining City has: Fetal Shark Attacks

    Arnold Kling’s Suggested Ed Reform

    TV Squad investigators are all over the Lost video clues

    ISC Incident Handler on Information Security Standards

    Islam Is The Problem?

    Alt-History links

    On the War: Reasons for Optimism (5 part series) by guest Owen Johnson at Swinkwrapped. I have read them; FuturePurpleSlog needs to write a post on it.

    Why Do They Hate Walmart? I don’t shop there, but I like the idea of Walmart efficiency being added to banking and other services. The whole point is innovation of product (different,needs,style) and process (faster,cheaper,better). Competition (for the rewards = profit) foster creativity (incentives for progress) and Entrepreneurs. Better product,processes give people more life options (less misery, more happiness, human potential used).

    Culture Jamming. Hmm… 4GW/5GW/InfoWarfare technique?

    Lastly: Star Wars Burlesque – Not Safe for Work –>

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