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On September 10th, 2001, I found myself in a job I hated at a company I didn’t like with co-workers whom I had made almost no social connections. I had kind of been screwed over by this employer in that after I accepted the offer I was re-orged into a new type position (web application project management) instead of what I had been hired for (Network/Security/ECommerce Infrastructure Project Management). The Internet boom was over and I had been unable to find a Information Security position (what I was returning to), so I was stuck with them.

I hated my job and my situation so much that I actually carried around a resignation letter with me in my organizer. I was hoping I would find something on my own or be downsized because I was cheap and did not want my finances to take a hit.

I was overweight, physically hurting and socially isolated at my workplace. I was pretty sure I had screwed up my knee and torn some cartilage (I had done so on the other knee a few years earlier so I knew what it felt like). My doc (who now had a nice practice going) wouldn’t see me but had some new associate see me. She didn’t believe me about my knee and gave me some meds. Fatalistically, I knew it was just a matter of time before it tore completely and would go down.

As I was leaving work on the 9/10 the knee went. I called my parents on my cell phone (the parent’s house acts as the family rehab center) to assist me back to their home.

I got to my parents house. I planned to go get an MRI the next day. In a strange way, I hoped it was bad, because that would lengthen the time I would be out of work (I wasn’t going back to work with my Grandma’s old walker). My friends will recognize that a sign of how much I hated the job because I am a workaholic…I like working.

So, on the evening of 9/10/2001, I went to sleep in a sitting position on my parents recliner with ibuprofen flowing through my system, and perhaps feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I had no idea what was to come.

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