Islamofascists/Jihadist are Adopting the Language of The Left

NPR’s Morning Edition (9/13 wed) had a story about Muslim converts in UK. One of them said something like (I was driving and scribbling into my notebook at red lights only):

The greatest Jihad is speaking truth to a great tyrant.

The great tyrant the listener was left to assume is Bush and perhaps his poodle Blair.

It very much sounded to my ears like the American Left’s “speaking truth to power” catchphrase.

It seems that Islamofascists supporters are using NPR (perhaps not unwillingly or unknowingly) to signal the islamofascist common cause with American Left.


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  1. Carnival Against Islamofacism Michaelmas edition!

    Welcome to the September 29, 2006 edition of Carnival Against Islamofacism. Today is the Feast of the Archangel Michael, aka, Michaelmas.

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