Senator Feingold doesn’t like term “islamic fascism”, says it insults Islam

The Milwaukee Journal reports:

Sen. Russ Feingold said Monday that President Bush and his administration should stop using the term “Islamic fascism” when describing the fight against al-Qaida, saying it is a flawed description, is “insulting” to Muslims and damages American efforts to make friends in the Muslim world. “Call them whatever you want – monsters, butchers – but the use of the term ‘Islamic fascist’ puts the name of Islam . . . in an exceptionally negative light,” the Wisconsin Democrat said in an interview. “It’s insulting and extremely unwise from a tactical and strategic point of view.”

Senator Feingold doesn’t like term “Islamic fascism”, says it insults Islam.

I say the reverse.

It is attempt to isolate and separate normal peace loving Muslims, from the crazy terrorist and terrorist supporting islamofascists who want to behead and bomb their way to a universal caliphate under (misery-spreading + human potential wasting) sharia law, crushing all those in their path

When domestic issues were supreme, I voted for him. Given the failure of McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform (feel good and righteous, but create bad public policy effects) and his anti-America ostrich like security policy views…never again. He does not face election again until 2010.

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