Carnival of Democracy and Dignity! (Issue #1)

Carnival of Democracy and Dignity! (Issue #1) has been published and included links to two post of mine. The blog and the carnival are quite lefty so I didn’t really expect them to publish my links.

The blog and the carnival are both well done.

My favorite article in the carnival is David Maister’s Integrity Impugned.

Interesting lefty articles on the blog include: Rankism, Dignity: A Universal Right,and The Nobody Manifesto.

While I don’t agree with the content, it is at least discourse at an interesting level.

One Response

  1. Hi, there – I’m glad you’re happy with the Carnival. I’m still trying to figure out how it works.

    I’d like to clarify the politics of the site because you will probably get a lot of mixed messages. Robert Fuller, who owns the site (and wrote the essays that you’re identifying as “lefty”), is solidly in the middle of the road. He’s bipartisan “reasonable middle”. A few of his friends who have contributed to the site and who have even written book blurbs for him lean to the right (For instance, Francis Fukuyama).

    I maintain the web site, and I lean to the left. Way to the left – but with libertarian tendencies on issues pertaining to personal freedom. Anything you see written by “Elisa” – basically 99.9% of the blog – will have a pungent eau de lefty. I certainly don’t shut people of other political persuasions down, though. And I think the world of Bob even though he could inch a bit more to the left. 😉

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