How the “24” New Season Should Start

I have been watching some of the new TV shows this fall and nothing has grabbed me yet.

I am waiting for the nextseason of 24 which should occur in 1/2007.

When we last saw Jack Bauer, intelligence agents of the PRC had captured and where shipping him off to China for prison. Yikes.

I read somewhere that the new season is not going to be about Jack escaping from a PRC prison.

Here is what I think they should do:

Opening logo and sound…cut to flashback frenzy of violence, explosions, torture, Chinese exchange in a weird location…the images comes faster and faster and faster…the music rises…

Jack wakes up sweating and disoriented…it is 6months to 18 months after his return to the US…1 – 3 years after the prev season. A cane leans up against his bed. Jack pushed it aside and heads into the bathroom (of wherever he is). Then do the transition visual/sound cut-over to a different scene.

Attention producers of 24: I am available to join your writing staff.

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