Rainy Saturday Links

The Importance of Birth Order Debunked at Econlog

The Shana Hiatt Blooper Reel

Althouse: A fantasy scenario of trying Bin Laden A bullet to the head by the capturing American Infantryman works for me.

Is the Thai Coup…a prelude to Islamization of Thailand?

IEEE Spectrum Special Report: Unlocking the Terrorist Mind

Peace Through Commerce at the FlowProject

Muslim Brotherhood controls Al-Jizera? The Muslim Brotherhood is the best candidate for a large proto-5GW organization.

Old 5GW posts at ChumpFish here and here.

Possible 5GW Tactics: Culture Jamming and Memetic Engineering

AmendmentNine on Moral War

Live USB Hacking

TV Zone: Five essential lessons from Grover

MindStream: CyberIntel

Bank Machine Hacking

Marginal Revolution on the The phantom Tyler Cowen. Sounds a bit like the abstract OODA part of Phatic Communions Revised OODA.

Here is the only link to something related to Paris Hilton I will every make (it is really about marketing and networking).

TDAXP on Corporate Espionage One side effect of the blowback from the HP affair is that organization will get smarter about doing this sort of thing. I would see you will see hybrid enterprise consisting of Law Firms, and skilled intelligence folks. The doing it all through an outside law firm coordinated by the internal counsels gives legal cover. Also lots of money are at stake, so I see where corporate officers, accustomed to being told how smart they are will report to this.

Shrinkwrapped on the UN

Voting Machines Security

Data Theft And Executives

Top 20 Japanese Commercials (My favorite was the Cockroach vs the Samurai!)

LGF: Another 9/11 Memorial Hijacked By Leftists

We Don’t Need No Welfare State

Offshoring Lawyers. Great – Lawfare will become cheaper. Not good.

Lastly: Chapelle Show’s Jedi Knight Sex Scandal

3 Responses

  1. I’m not a fan of the IEEE article. Here is just one article, out of many:

    More stress and you reach the perfectly vigilant mode of an expert thinker, where you consider all alternatives before making a decision.

    Novices attempt to consider all alternatives. Experts use their training to instinctively focus on a very small number, and they consider those. Expertise is not a product of better logical decision making, but of better analogical decision making.

    The logical computational ability of humanity is very, very poor. I’m not surprised that an engineer would wish to reduce it to general-computational logical rules, but I would be scared to see that plan implemented.

  2. Excellent point Dan. I got to spend last night & early this morning on some weird IT related things. I did not do a breadth-first search of the possible things that could be going wrong. Instead, I made a quick survey of what was going on and drilled down quickly as to what I thought was needed. This would be the Boyd/OODA fingertip feel, correct?

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