Lots of Fifth Generation Warfare Posting

There are lots of Fifth Generation Warfare thinking going on the last few days on the internet – all of which makes it a good time to launch the new 5GW group blog Dreaming 5GW (I will be a contributor to it).

Here is a roundup of the recent 5GW links (I have left my comments on the other sites at their post for the most part):

John Robb’s Weblog: Lots of discussion of what 5GW is

Thomas Barnett: Fifth Generation (political) warfare

Thomas Barnett: The sandwich generations-of-war strategy

Here, 5GW Theorist ALHERING commented:

“I would agree that 5GW is a concept that can be easily integrated into the Sysadmin concept, or perhaps the other way around.I believe that the essential theory behind 5GW is that a 5GW organization is oriented upon a specific goal and accomplishes this goal by creating a series of events that lead to a particular set of circumstances where the goal is realized. To accomplish this 5GW will use any means available. It will strengthen and weaken, it will expose and obscure, it will play both sides of a situation in order to best achieve its influence. 5GW is neither offensive nor defensive but it is proactive and positional.

To borrow a phrase with all due respect paid: 5GW is warfare in the context of everything (else).”

TDAXP: 5GW and Ruleset Automation

TDAXP: Blogospheric 5GW, with short comments

Dan has a Counter 4GW/5WG stratgey for States:

“Rather than focusing on building state loyalties, the State may do well to focus on distributing itself. Federalism provides a model. An actor’s ability to control a system goes down as the complexity of the system goes up. The American System of Government is as brilliant at defending itself from 5GWs as from 4GWs.”

Shlocky.com: 5GW And Beyond

I think this post is really about post-singularity warfare and tried to state so in the comments. My comment on the site didn’t seem to take:

“I think what you are describing as 6GW and 7GW requires that the technological singularity has occurred. I don’t think I can look to well past that point. Human society would become very chaotic as it reorganizations into new organizational forms I think. Economics would be radically different. Hmmm…speculation on this post-singularity world (warfare, governing, economics, language, art, culture,) would be very interesting.”

ZenPundit: A Strategic Dagwood

Zenpundit says (among other things):

“The strategic choice isn’t globalization or statism so much as globalization vs. anarchy – and even that failed state chaos contains a a corrupt strand of connectivity to the Core. 4GW forces are primarily reactionary movements, regardless of whether they are Nepal’s Maoist guerillas or al Qaida’s neo-Salafi terrorists, trying ” to stand athwart history and yell ‘Halt!’ “

Phatic Communion comments with (among others stuff):

“The Long War will be won or lost in the minds of millions of people. So what ideas do we export to counter those of the extremists?”

ZenPundit: Iterations Of 5GW

Lastly, from the new blog Dreaming 5GW, Curtis writes in Dreaming 5GW: In Surround Sound:

“…but much of my own approach to the subject is via a consideration of meme transference, or memetic engineering, and the ability of a 5GWarrior to accomplish his goals without having to actually do anything more than create the necessary memes to motivate actors who will shape the world as the 5GWarrior desires. Broadly speaking. Secrecy will be key, or else the 5GWarrior risks becoming an observable manipulator whom the target rejects instinctively or with calculated force; and, the hardest thing in the world to track is a meme. The goal is to have the target believe he is acting entirely under his own free will (which he actually is) while not realizing that another has influenced him to act in a particular way”.

All of that sounds a bit like (macro) Memetic Engineering to me.

FYI: Purpleslog 5GW archive
Update: I fixed a broken link.


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