Saturday Night Links

Superman is a Dick

REDDIT link to Soviet Space Shuttle current photos

An Coca-Cola print add that must be seen to be believed

Dolphins: tricky or sinister?

Come on, Does this look sinister?

Meme/Trend tracking from Google

War Insurance

Neat Breakdancing Video (Yes, A break dancing video)

USS Clueless (redux) Sighting

Nanotechnology Run Amok: Grey Goo melting online world Second Life

The Letter L: Not Safe for Work or Sesame Street

Thomas Barnett on the New COIN Strategy

Peter Falk as Fashion Designer

More Sidewalk Art

This Beautiful Face is a computer Generated Composite:
Composite From 15 Images

Anti-Anti-Islamfascism: Here and Here

Marine Nominee for Medal of Honor

Experimental-ism (Federalism) Good

Islamic Weirdness

Investigating Eurabia

“I do think a retreat from literalism is the only hope for the creation of any genuinely and lastingly moderate Islam.”

Mafia And Islam In America

Pictures Of The Enemy

Journey of a Libertarian

Age of Democracy

Chester’s Combination Warfare idea is a big part of my 4GW as Full Spectrum thinking (which remains for Future Purpleslog to Publish)

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