Essays I am Too Lazy to Write: Media Warfare, 4GW, Meme Wars


  • The west is loosing
  • Must integrate media warfare into all operations (strategic, Operational, and Tactical)
  • Three targets: ones supports, the fence sitters (leaning either way), ones enemies
  • We Need Grunts with Blogs and Digital Cameras
  • 1get better at positive media warfare…getting sound and eye bytes out there for dissemination and re-packaging at all levels
  • counter-media warfare must be set up…the staging and media warfare of “them” must be exposed and ridiculed
  • Is there a possibility of 5GW Media Warfare? Not sure. I can’t visualize it yet.
  • Blah, Blah, Blah, etc.

Maybe I will write it someday.


PowerLine: Yalla Ya Nasrallah
Young Americans Trailer And Video Clips
YouTube: Pallywood
Sake Light: Propaganda Videos – Collection of stuff
Hot Air: Photoshop Warriors
LGF: Reuters Doctoring Photos from Beirut?
Left and Right: Reuters Faking Photos
Ave of Spades: Reuters Doctors Photos From Lebanon!!
Publius Pundit: More Enemy Media Hijinks?
LGF: Anatomy of a Media Event Staged by Terrorists
EU Referendum: The Corruption of the Media
Newsbusters: Propaganda 101
The Strata Sphere: Qana Deaths From Hezbollah IED?
Michelle Malkin: Not so fast, Reuters
Gateway Pundit: New York Times Busted in Hezbollah Photo Fraud!
Hot Air: Video: “Popular Mechanics” editor debunks 9/11 myths on O’Reilly
LGF: TIME Reporter: Hizballah Has Our Passports
LGF: Engel: “We Will Kill You if You Film These Rockets”
LGF: The Larger Issue
LGF: I Am The Slime From Your Video
Opinion Journal: Jihadis Playing Possum
RightWingNutHouse: Hizbullah’s “useful Idiots” Mum About Reuters Scam
Front Page Magazine PDF: Big Lies Demolishing The Myths
of the Propaganda War Against Israel

Herald Sun / Andrew Bolt: Hezbollah sinks Australian warship
LGF: Fox Shows Green Helmet Staging Corpse
LGF: Reuters Shills for Death Cult Ideology
Global Guerrillas: Propaganda Wars
The Speculist: Winning the Meme Wars (and catch phrases!)
More from the Speculist

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