United States is lobbying to be in charge of all UN peacekeeping operations

(ht Lakeshore Laments) Times Online Reports:

The United States is lobbying to put an American, possibly a general, in charge of all UN peacekeeping operations in a move that could offer Washington an exit strategy in Iraq.

The Bush Administration is said to want to name a general to the UN post. “What they want is somebody who knows about peacekeeping and who is a good manager, and they think a general is a good manager,” one UN source said.

The peacekeeping job is so important to Washington that it is ready to relinquish its traditional control of the UN management department.

Why would the US do this?

  • Better alignment with future SysAdmin activities
  • Facilitate Exit or Transition in Iraq
  • Improve US Image (peacekeeping = good)
  • ???

Of course, there is the French problem:

The American lobbying effort will be resisted by France, which has held the post traditionally. France is fighting hard to keep it, even signalling that it is willing to replace the current incumbent, Jean-Marie Guehenno, with another French candidate[…]

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