I Just Saw Tonights’ Simpsons Epidsode

They should have have just called this Episode “Fuck the US Army – Happy Veterans Days from the Simpsons!”

What crap this once great, funny show has become.

Update: Hot Air covers this too with a video clip.

11 Responses

  1. I thought that this was the best episode in a long time. If you do not think that recruiters deserve to be lambasted then you have never dealt with one. The Army does lie, people in the Army know that, and now through this satirical look at the situation maybe people will look closely at the whole “don’t think, fight” mentality that seems to be so prevelant in our society.

  2. It was more then just recruiters who where addressed.

  3. I agree with you. It wasn’t just about the recruiter but, also to denigrate the quality of our troops. Not even the punk, bullies, trouble makers an very likely dropouts(as very well represented by first group of three students approached by the recruiters) would bite the bait offered by the army recruiters, thus demonstrating a higher level of understanding armed forces conflict resolution. Yeah right!

    Then, they go for the younger ones; to finish up saying that we should have learned our lesson of “invading forces could never win against a determined populous” , implying that the US(invading force) could never win against a determined resistance (Iraqi insurgency).

    They fail to recognize Iraq conflict as a war. And for that reason, our soldiers are incompetent, uneducated, idiots.

    There is a secret agenda behind the message given by the media, Socialism, Communism. The USA is a super power and it should feel bad for been one. Wealth should be re-distributed through out the World.

    Heack, I don’t know for sure what the message is, but one thing is for sure; it’s not pro-american.

    And what is not for us, is against us.

  4. “What is not for us is against us” genius, pure genius. It is just that polarizing rhetoric that causes other countries to hate us. Not that I care about feelings or their hearts and minds for that matter.

    Have you ever seen Stripes with Bill Murray? Or Sgt. Bilko with Steve Martin? Or renaissance man with Danny Devito? How about Full Metal Jacket? Or Dr. Strangelove? Or any other movie about any war ever.

    The point is to make war look ridiculous, making the soldier a comic foil for the immense and grave things that are happening around him.

    Comunism? really? I thought that scare was done Mr. McCarthy.

    Is it subversive? I think there was definitely an agenda to the show, but I believe that it was done tastefully. Sometimes people are so content with a lie that they are not willing to look at the truth. Sometimes it is simpler to blindly follow than it is to go against the grain. If anything I think that the producers of the Simpson’s are brave for putting that episode out.

    Bottom line, I believe that you are just being too sensitive.

    “Invading forces could never win against a determined populous”

    How is that wrong, The American Revolution, Vietnam, Korea. As long as there is a will to fight the fight will continue, as long as we are in the middle east there will be a will to fight, and as long as we take lives there will be resistance. I am not a liberal, I would not even consider myself a Democrat, but I have to say that this war was mismanaged from the word GO.

    The only way you can win a war like this is to take the fight out of the terrorists; the only way to win would be to do such horrible things to the populous, carpet bombing, torture, killing of women, dismemberment of children, and things that our administration as well as our soldiers are not willing to do. Following the rules of war that we follow we can not win this war.

    But I digress, the only thing this episode did was highlight things that are clear in our society.

    Did you know the army has lowered its standards once again because of lack of recruits.

    I was in basic training with two felons.

    Stop being so sensitive, you say that this speech, is un-American, I say it is more patriotic than all the flag waving that is going on as of late.

  5. The arm forces of this nation are very brave, dedicated and special individuals. I was in basic training with some felons, a Dominican, some Mexicans, a Korean, some just with a GED, others with some college credits and several with MBA.

    We all went through the same process. We all did it for different reasons. For sure, out of fee will.

    Granted, not probably thinking that one day it would be our turn to give our lives for whatever reason our commanders decide to send us… Yes, it suck. It is not democracy. We don’t get to pick or chose what or where we are going to serve. But, many really did it out of conviction, and I thank God every day for that.

    Now, we were not forced by the government, he are not brain washed by religion asking us to kill other for an eternal carnal feast with 72 virgins who don’t even have the fortitude of character to defend their beliefs by organizing and wearing a uniform. No, the hide like criminals and attack seeking cover behind women and children to maximize casualties so that people like your self, with out the stomach to tolerate what is needed to endure such enemy and to achieve victory.

    I don’t care about politics or the reason why we got to this point. But, one thing is for sure; “If we broke it, then we must fix it”.

    And the perfect tool to fix this problem is not diplomacy, it is however, our Arm Foces.
    Peace doesn’t come out of talking or negotiation.
    Peace comes after Victory.
    It is history. If we don’t learn from it, we are GOING TO REPEAT IT.

    Now, tv shows, cartoons, movies are just for fun… I have a great sense of humor and I love all of those movies that you mention. The difference is that we are at War. We were attacked fist in multitude of occasion. Then, we retaliated.
    It hasn’t been perfect. History will let us now. But, there is no reason, excuse or motive to denigrate the people that out of their own free will (most of them) chose to put their live on the line for our Nation.

    I was one of them once, now all I can to is pray for their safe return, remember the fallen ones, and support the ones that come back with life altering wounds…

    God bless them.

  6. Sorry about all the typos and error. I notice it after posting. Dang, it sounded so great in my head! just like all the other voices!!!

  7. “Peace doesn’t come out of talking or negotiation.
    Peace comes after Victory.
    It is history. If we don’t learn from it, we are GOING TO REPEAT IT”.

    Very true. Not all of us understand it.

    Part of it is that many (perhaps most) people subscribe to the Excitation Theory of War as opposed to the Appeasement Theory of War. I posted about these at these URL: https://purpleslog.wordpress.com/2006/05/13/the-2-theories-of-war/

    My spelling+typing sucks too. The New Firefox 2.0 has a built in spell-checker which sure has been helping me.

  8. My god you guys are sore losers. What a pathetic list of excuses for why the best trained, best fed, best armed, best paid military in the world is getting its ass kicked by thugs with pipebombs.

    Figure it out, you are illegal occupiers helping multi-billion dollar corporations steal Iraqs natural resources.


    After a stinging “rebuke” of your illegal war by voters you lash out at Homer Simpson, much in the same manner Dan Quail went off on Murphy Brown.

    The ditto monkeys inability to distinguish fact from fiction is at the very heart of the war.

    Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11
    Iraq possesed no WMD.

    The “Brave Hereos” couldn’t wait to go to a far away land to murder “Sand Niggers” (not my words hence the quotes) But once they started losing the war they started going AWOL and whining.

    If you are looking for sympathy try the dictionary between “shit” and “syphallis”

  9. The reasoned views of Lefty Nutters is always welcomed.

  10. Alright Dave, aside from your reckless disregard for a spell-check key, you made some good points. I never claimed that it was bad to have diversity in the military and I have to feel as though you are putting words in my mouth. I was merely pointing out that Uncle Sam had lowered the bar on recruitment. I left it up to you to make a decision whether that was a good or bad thing.
    “I was one of them once, now all I can to is pray for their safe return, remember the fallen ones, and support the ones that come back with life altering wounds…”God bless them.”
    First of all thank you for your service, but if you support them, why then will you not stick up for them? Why do you and people of likeminded intent demand blood for a crime the Iraqi people did not commit, when it means the blood of my brothers and sisters? Why can’t you understand that speech, and media that question the powers that be is a means to an end.
    . In the Iliad Achilles said, (and I am paraphrasing) since the beginning of time young men have died while old men talk. It is a soldier’s duty to go where his country sends him. And yes God bless him for doing it. How is it supporting your troops by supporting an unjust war?
    I’m not going to call you a loser like wiseguy and I think what he said was very disrespectful, and possibly the most asinine statement I have ever read.
    “The “Brave Hereos” couldn’t wait to go to a far away land to murder “Sand Niggers” (not my words hence the quotes) But once they started losing the war they started going AWOL and whining.”
    As you can see he doesn’t even know how to spell ‘heroes’ so I don’t expect him to ever understand how one acts.
    Whining? Who whined? Are you talking about the veteran that comes home minus legs, yeah; maybe he has a right to whine. The marines who go months without showers, days without food, and nights without sleep because they are told to. Or the soldiers who watch their comrades get torn to shreds by improvised explosive devices, yeah, maybe they have a right to whine too. Or maybe it is the thousands of parents who will never see their children again; I wonder why they are “whining”. Every single one of the soldiers, seamen, and airmen in the Middle East today left behind loved ones, a warm bed, and safety for their sense of duty, so maybe you should stop “whining”.

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