Total Social Movement Organizations as Global Actor

From StrategyUnit: a description of a Global Actor he calls “Total Social Movement Organizations” or TSMO – which is also another possible successor /competitor to the dominant state form the nation-state:

Hamas and Hezbollah function as a network of charities, religious movement, social movement, political movement and military force. Only such an organization can easily enlist the people as human shields at the face of death. I doubt Hamas was using much if any coercisve force to encourage the Human Shields – faith in Hamas and what it represented was enough.

An organization that combines the full spectrum of human activities – from religious to social justice to military force – will be a resilient force compared to the secular (Post?) Nation-State system that exists in the Wetern countries. They will not replace Western style Nation-States, but will be adapt challengers in the world stage.

I have been kicking around ideas along these lines for awhile. I read Bobbit’s gigantic and impressive book on the evolution of state forms a while back. My thoughts are forthcoming on the possibilities, evolution, and forms of the Post-Nationalism State (Postnat-State) and the Global Actors it will compete and cooperate.

Update: I have updated the links.

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  1. PurpleSlog,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog and good to know that you have similar thoughts on the subject. Look forward to learning more from reading your blog.

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  2. Purpleslog,

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  3. Hi Strat, I have returned the favour.

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