Gerald Ford, RIP

Gerald Ford is the first US president I have first hand memories of.

I was vaguely aware of Nixon – I recall asking my mom why the US was fighting gorillas (I had seen way too many Tarzan movies).

With President Ford, the United States continued its streak of luck with the right man at troubled times for the country. Would the US be the US without Washington going first, Lincoln bringing us through the civil War or FDR navigating the possible anarchy of the great depression and the fight against global Fascism? I think not.

Gerald Ford’s achievement was not in doing great things or creating great programs. His greatness came from being just Gerald Ford – and from pardoning Nixon. The perceived corruptness of Nixon and the investigations and trials to follow would have surely have ripped apart the US. Ford with his pardon of Nixon spared us that. His mid-western sensibility brought a return to normalcy to the presidency. For that, America is better off.


(photo from Wikipedia – Ford and Liberty)

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